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The Best All Inclusive Places in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations among the Dutch traveler. The culture, the climate, the wonderful beaches and the friendly people simply provide a feeling of coming home. In addition, it is of course easy to reach; the travel time is very short. Are you all inclusives in spain searching? Then you will come across plenty of places on the Canary Islands. We have therefore taken a closer look and mapped out other places for you. 


This seaside resort has been frequented by tourists for years. The swaying palm trees on the golden beaches quickly attract people. The beaches are very beautiful here. Are you a water sports enthusiast? Then you have come to the right place in Benidorm, you can practice almost every water sport you can think of here. For this you need to be on the Levante beach. But Benidorm is also a good destination if you are looking for nature, vibrant nightclubs or a culinary experience. There are also many all-inclusive hotels that are only too happy to welcome you. An additional advantage: a croquette sandwich is available on almost every street corner…

Lloret de Mar

The seaside resort of Lloret de Mar is a good destination for a holiday with friends. This cozy town on the Costa Brava is bursting with recreation. There is something to do everywhere, whether you are looking for a water park, museum, church or a nightclub. In Lloret de Mar there is something to do everywhere and you can of course enjoy the beach. However, the place is known for the many young people who visit this place for a party holiday. Of course you can also go somewhere as a family, but keep this in mind when booking an accommodation. 


Are you looking for an island with a lot of variety? Every part of this island is different, because you can go there for very old architecture, nature, mountains, characteristic villages, but also for the hip center of the capital. Of course Mallorca is very suitable for a sun holiday at the beach. The island boasts a rich culture and history, as well as impressive rock formations. You can stay in beautiful accommodations (in the mountains), where you benefit from the best view. View the deals to Majorca. 


This island is perfect for people who want to visit the best clubs while also enjoying the most beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. Ibiza has a hippie culture, people are not worried and the beach is everywhere. But here too you will find plenty of all-inclusive resorts. Even if you don't like diving into the nightclubs, there is plenty to do on the island. Visit nature, go shopping or take surfing lessons!


Although mainly Turkey Known for its all inclusive resorts, Spain is also a wonderful country for an all inclusive holiday. The Spaniards know very well how to prepare the tastiest meals and the climate is simply very pleasant. Choose a destination that appeals to you and you will probably be able to book a nice holiday in no time. Enjoy it!

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