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With this checklist you are well prepared for a trip to expensive countries

After two years of lockdowns, the wanderlust of anyone with a passion for travel is running
now out of the loop. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you've probably already thought about it
to travel extensively in the near future. Because; if you do something, do it
then good. But such an ambitious journey is often accompanied by extra snags.

What if, for example, you travel to a country where everything is much more expensive than in the Netherlands? Think of Australië, Canada, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Singapore of Scandinavia. Then you better know what to expect in terms of costs, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Second, you can pre-determine what tips & tricks think about being able to look after the little ones somewhat while you are there. Then you will have enough money left over to be able to make another nice trip next year. In this article we explain what you should take into account.

1. Find out what kind of supermarkets there are

It is perhaps one of the nicest things about vacation; eating out every night. Always discovering a new dish from the local cuisine and at the same time getting to know the local community. But in more expensive countries, it's also an easy way to go broke quickly. Therefore, to be sure, find out before you leave what the cheaper supermarket chains are at your destination. That can save tens of euros a day.

Shopping while traveling
Shopping while traveling

2. Rent or take things with you?

Sometimes you travel to a country on purpose because you have specific plans. Skiing in Canada, diving in Australia or ice-climbing in Lapland, for example. Many people do this once and rent the necessary equipment on location. But if you already have it yourself, it may be much cheaper to take it with you than to rent it, especially in expensive countries. And especially if you are there for a longer period of time. make sure you Travel Insurance is in order if you take these kinds of valuable items with you on a trip. This prevents financial setbacks at a later time.

3. Please note: significant differences in fuel prices

Are you planning a roadtrip to be made by multiple countries? Maybe you go with your motorcycle through the Scandinavian mountains, or you rent a car on location. Then it's a good idea to check in advance how the fuel prices differ, because you can't just go everywhere cheap fuel. This strongly depends on the local market and government policy. For example, in Finland and Norway you quickly pay more than € 2,20 for a liter of petrol, while in intermediate Sweden this is 'only' € 1,80.

4. What does a hospital visit cost?

On the one hand, medical care is something you don't have to worry about as much when you travel. Because through the world coverage of a Dutch health insurance you will always be reimbursed for care from the basic package, wherever you are. However, there is a catch: if the treatment locally costs more than the Dutch rate, you pay the difference yourself. In countries where healthcare is extremely expensive, such as the United States, you could still spend a lot of money for a consultation. So check this out well before you leave.

5. Do you need a visa and vaccinations?

In some countries you are required to obtain a visa and/or visa in advance arrange certain vaccinations. Although this issue is a bit more black and white and you can't ignore it if you really really want to go to a specific country, we should certainly not ignore it. Especially if you have not yet chosen a definitive destination and are still unsure between a few options. For some countries it can cost hundreds of euros to have the necessary documents and shots before departure. Who knows, this may be the decisive factor in your choice.

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