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Costa Brava – Away from home just a 2 hour flight

Everyone knows the feeling that you want to get away from it all once in a while. It is of course wonderful to go on holiday and have nothing on your mind. Many people think the best thing about a holiday is that you get out of your daily routine and really feel like you're completely out of it.

Fortunately, nowadays you can easily fly to the other side of the world so that you are really in a different culture. But you don't always have to fly that far to get away from it all. Are you curious how this could be? Then read on quickly.


It is of course very interesting to discover new cultures that do not resemble the Dutch culture. Many people immediately think of Asia or South America, but there are also many special cultures in Europe. Of course the culture in the south of Europe is still very Western, but it is very different from ours. A rent a house on the Costa Brava will certainly give you the feeling that you are not in the Netherlands. The houses alone are very different from those in the Netherlands, so you will certainly not have the feeling that you are at home. In addition, the radiant weather and the beautiful beaches are of course nice factors that will ensure that you are completely gone. The best part is that you only have to fly for 2 hours!

Costa Brava

There are of course many different places where you can go within the Costa Brava. This is because it is a 200 kilometer long area in which many different large cities and small villages are located. This is also what makes it such a popular and beautiful place, as there is something for everyone. Some of these famous places are:

  • Blanes: this is the most southern spot of the Costa Brava with a lot of beach that attracts many young people every year.
  • Lloret de Mar: located a little more to the north than Blanes, it is also a place where many young people come, but it is a beautiful place that you do not want to miss. By a rent a villa in Lloret de Mar you can enjoy the peace and quiet on holiday, but you can also enjoy the bustling city.
  • Tamariu: this is a less touristy destination, making it an oasis of tranquility.

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