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Luxury holiday parks in our own country

In the past two years, covid-19 has more or less forced many Dutch people to go on holiday in their own country. But is that bad? Not at all! There are countless luxury holiday parks in the Netherlands...

Experience the real island feeling in your own country

Get a breath of fresh air and get away from it all, and that within a few hours at most from home. On the Dutch Wadden you imagine yourself in another world. A world with peace and space, but also with cosiness and charm. The journey...

world travel insurance

Insurance when you go on a world trip

It's almost time, you're going on a world tour! Before you leave, you must prepare well, an important part of this is arranging insurance. In this article we tell you which insurance policies you need...


Taking care of your body while traveling

Many people have a routine at home for taking care of their bodies. Take a shower every day, put on clean clothes and wash your hair regularly. But when you travel, things are a little different. In this...

world dishes

Popular world dishes to make yourself

To be fair, Dutch cuisine is not particularly refined. Every now and then cooking according to another world cuisine is therefore a pleasant change. Can you get a little inspiration on that?


A visit to Dubai

Would you love to travel to the Arab Emirates? Then choose Dubai! This beautiful city has a lot to offer: architecture, culture, nature and luxury. Cool off along one of the many...

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