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The adventures of a novice fisherman

Between all the exciting fishing adventures of active and experienced anglers on this website, I don't feel like a fish in water yet. As a beginner amateur (you can't get more amateur than I am) I dream about deep sea fishing and catching salmon in a raging river, but I have yet to make do with that old fishing rod from the shed and if I'm lucky a small fish. To be honest, I have yet to discover fishing. And in this blog I tell you how. 

fishing with grandpa

As a child I was enchanted by fishing. My grandfather, a fanatic hobby fisherman, grabbed as soon as he could shoulder bag with fishing gear from the shed and set out. He could be gone for days. Only once was I allowed to spend an afternoon with him. I was amazed as he carefully chose his bait and sat patiently for hours on the side of the lake. Strangely enough, as a child I could watch for hours without doing anything. The sight of my grandfather and his passion for fishing was enough. Every year I hoped to get a fishing rod with Sinterklaas, so that I could follow my grandfather, but to no avail. There was no fishing rod. Fishing wasn't for girls.

Fishing in a place where you can't be seen 

So once I hit puberty I let go of my fascination, I even started to feel a little ashamed of it. There was nothing cool about fishing, so I threw myself into all kinds of girls' affairs, far from the water and any rod for that matter. My grandfather passed away, and a period of fishing ended with him. Until it started to itch again a while ago. During a walk I saw fishermen in their tents, watching their float in peace. And suddenly I felt it again, this was what I still wanted most all this time. There was only one problem: I had never fished in all those years. Nevertheless, I decided to take the plunge and searched the attic for my grandfather's old fishing rod. Dusted and in need of some maintenance and love, but it was still there! I exchanged my Ted Baker bag in for a cowboy bag full of hooks, bait and a thermos of coffee and set out on an early Saturday morning. Looking for a place where there were no other fishermen, because as a novice beginner I absolutely did not want to be seen. 


Once I arrived at a stream nearby, I set everything up and the moment was there. For the first time in all those years I went fishing again. Google helped me with the basic tips and soon my grandfather's old fishing rod was hanging above the water again. And now that peace and concentration that I had always admired other fishermen for. But it didn't come. I had to catch something and became a blood fanatic…

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