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Why are the Dutch so fond of Sweden as a holiday destination?

The land of Pippi Longstocking, beautiful views, wild nature, moose and reindeer, mountains and lakes, and fresh cinnamon buns: that's Sweden! 

Sweden is a very popular holiday destination among the Dutch. It is therefore a wonderful holiday destination with endless possibilities, for backpackers and adventurers as well as for the whole family. You can go on great adventurous hiking trips such as the Kungsleden, but the country is also known for all its lakes where you can enjoy fantastic canoeing. Moreover, there are many atmospheric cities to discover in Sweden such as Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö. Below you can see why the Dutch love Sweden so much!

1. Inner peace and more living space

The first reason why a Dutchman dreams of vacation in Sweden, is the peace and pleasant tranquility that Sweden has to offer, if only because of the endlessly large land area and the wide, beautiful nature.
The rolling landscapes, countless crystal clear turquoise lakes and impressive forests in Sweden give us a pleasant feeling of inner peace and tranquility. Precisely because this beautiful nature generally reduces stress, Sweden is an attractive holiday destination to really relax and recharge. 

2. Freedom and privacy

The feeling of freedom and privacy is also exactly what we are looking for when we want to take a break from our densely populated, little frog country. Where you meet other hikers every once in a while in the nature reserves, in Sweden you can really become one with nature and walk undisturbed for hours without meeting anyone.

Do you also want to experience that privacy at your holiday address in Sweden? Then book a holiday home through Interhome recommended. If you book your own holiday home in Sweden, you will not be bothered by other camping or hotel guests. Nice if you want some time for yourself and maybe for your family, right? 

3. Minimalist lifestyle and design

The minimalist way of life also appeals to the Dutch. The Swedish interiors are often beautiful, simply but stylishly furnished with many natural materials and in a minimalist design. The well-known Scandinavian design inspires the Dutch to visit cities such as Stockholm and Malmö, to find gems at trendy design shops and to get inspired! 

4. Friendly people

Not only nature in Sweden is stunningly beautiful and relaxing. Another reason why the Dutch like to visit and return to Sweden is because the Swedish people are generally so gentle, calm and hospitable! Swedes are known for their benevolence, friendly nature and also for their patience. (Something the average Dutch person can learn something from!) Also, people in Sweden are generally reserved and respectful.

This invites the Dutch to return to this wonderful holiday destination.

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