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Solitary Namibia

Roadtrip Namibia Part 3 | Solitaire and Swakopmund

To get to know the country of Namibia, it is best to have a large roadtrip be made, or a roadtrip which you divide into several pieces. This is part 3 of the roadtrip in which we will explore western Namibia! From...

NoFear travel

NoFear Travel in Europe | Overlanding in Sardinia

A Drent and a Frisian have caught the travel bug and travel the world with their 4×4 camper. We are Cor and Grietje from NoFear Reizen and we will take you on roadtrip adventure through Sardinia. Sardinia is...

Murten Switzerland

Roadtrip Switzerland | Tips for Murten (Morat)

During my roadtrip through Switzerland I ended up at many well-known bucket list-worthy destinations such as Lauterbrunnen. Places with epic views and associated activities, such as a...

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