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Dutch people will travel as of December 1. 2023 to China without a visa

TRAVEL NEWS – November 28, 2023: Who is planning to go to China to travel is lucky. As of December 1, 2023, it will no longer be necessary to arrange a visa in advance. This was announced by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exemption lasts for one year and also applies to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Malaysia.

People with a Dutch passport can stay in China for fifteen days without a visa after arriving in China. The Chinese government hopes to attract more European tourists with this measure. In recent months, China has dropped several regulations to attract more visitors.

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In August 2023, all corona testing requirements for incoming travelers were removed. We are now working hard to restore international flight routes. Many international flights were stopped due to strict corona measures.

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Dutch people will travel as of December 1. 2023 without a visa to China 3

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Perhaps this is a clear opportunity to combine China with other countries in Southeast Asia. For example, we think it would be fantastic to test China's high-speed train network.

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