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Schiphol explainer: shrinkage or not? NOS on 3 explains it

There has been a lot to do in and around Schiphol in recent years. Schiphol has grown too fast, there is a lot of (noise) pollution and flying is polluting. The cabinet decided that Schiphol had to shrink from 500.000 to 440.000 flights per year, but this was due to international pressure from the USA, Canada and the EU recently reversed.

“The downsizing plans for Schiphol will be postponed for another year. Outgoing Minister of Infrastructure Mark Harbers has to withdraw part of his plan after pressure from the United States and Canada and a letter from the European Commission.

Schiphol itself, fully owned by the government, always cooperated with the downsizing plans. Now the airport has responded in response to saying it is disappointed that the contraction has been postponed again.

“Reducing the number of flights was not a goal in itself, but there was finally clarity for local residents,” said a statement from the airport." Source.

You can see exactly how this works in the new explainer video from NOS op 3.

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