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Traveling internationally? This is how you create a QR code with CoronaCheck

As of July 1, the time has come: The CoronaCheck App of the Dutch government (the Dutch version of the Digital Green Pass) will go live on July 1. This means that from now on you can create an international QR code with your test or vaccination data via this App, by logging in to your DigiD via the App. The QR code will then automatically be available via the App.

The international QR code will be accepted throughout the EU as a ticket to a country (in addition to your passport of course). We explain in this article how it works and how to set it up.

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UPDATE January 06, 2022: There is also a at the bottom of the article added manual to add your booster shot to the corona app.

UPDATE 7 July 2021: Many people are unable to retrieve their vaccination data in the app via DigiD. This is because in almost all cases the DigiD app is not yet activated on the phone. We have therefore added a manual to this article with which you can activate your DigiD app on your phone step by step.

Need other vaccinations?

We also strongly advise anyone who travels to a country or area where Malaria or another annoying disease may prevent that you should not jump to conclusions from this or other articles. Always make an appointment with one of the specialists at Vaccinations While Traveling or the GGD. The information they have is always up-to-date and that is why they can advise you specifically based on the specific travel plans you have.

About the CoronaCheck App

The CoronaCheck App is the official App of the Dutch government. With the app you prove that you have been vaccinated or tested negative for corona. You can Corona Check to access certain locations. And to travel internationally.

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By when and to use

  • From 1 July you can use the international QR code.
  • From 1 July you can also use CoronaCheck for travel within the European Union.
  • Making a proof of recovery with CoronaCheck will be possible from the beginning of July. This is only possible if your positive test has been taken at the GGD.

Where can I download the CoronaCheck App?

The CoronaCheck App is available for both iOS (Apple devices) and Android devices (Samsung, Huawei, Sony, etc.). use the download buttons below to go directly to the correct download page.

First activate your DigiD app on your phone

UPDATE June 7, 2021: We're adding this piece because a problem that many people run into (we get a lot of questions via our facebook chat), is that it is not possible to retrieve the vaccination data in the CoronaCheck app via DigiD. My mother-in-law also ran into the same problem.

This is because in almost all cases we have treated the DigiD app was not yet activated on the phone† In order to retrieve your vaccination data via DigiD, the DigiD app must first be activated. You can read exactly how to do this in the steps below.

You start by downloading the DigiD app, if you have not downloaded it before.

  1. Download the DigiD app via the buttons above.
  2. Start the activation process (with your DigiD username and password).
  3. Scan your ID via NFC in the DigiD app (this is one of the steps)
    • Important tips: Use your driver's license if possible, because it is smaller and therefore easier to scan.
    • Often it is not possible to complete the scan properly. This is because you may be trying to scan the wrong side of your driver's license.
    • The NFC chip of your driver's license is on the side of the transparent circle.
    • The NFC chip reader of your Smartphone is usually located at the top of the back of your phone.
    • Remove your case from your phone when you are going to scan. A case can block the scan.
    • Gently move your driver's license back and forth on the back of your phone (1 inch up and down). This promotes scanning.
  4. When you have completed these steps, your DigiD app is activated on your phone. Now go back to the CoronaCheck app to create the International QR code.

How does the CoronaCheck App work?

Now that you have activated the DigiD app on your phone, you can create an international QR code with your vaccination details. Below are some screenshots of the steps to follow.

Note: you can only create a proof for one person in the CoronaCheck app.

(click on the photos to enlarge them)

1. Get tested or vaccinated

For access, some locations or countries require a vaccination or a negative result of a corona test. Press the button 'Create QR code'.

2. Login with your DigiD

Go through the steps and login with DigiD to automatically retrieve your vaccination or test data. After going through the steps, you can view your QR code.

3. Show your QR code

This is the QR code with which you can travel internationally. Have the QR code and your ID checked for access to a specific location or country.

Testing and access within the Netherlands

You can also create a QR code with negative PCR tests, for example for access to a disco or festival.

  • Enter the collection code you received with your negative test result in the CoronaCheck app. Or retrieve your test or vaccination data with DigiD.
  • The app turns your data into proof, in the form of a QR code
  • Have the QR code scanned at the door of the location you want to enter. Also bring your ID or entrance ticket.

Booster shot in the CoronaCheck app

To ensure that we remain well protected against the virus, the booster shot is now necessary. You can also put that in the CoronaCheck app and that is very easy:

  1. Open CoronaCheck on your smartphone
  2. Tap the plus in the top right corner
  3. Choose 'Vaccination certificate'
  4. Log in with your DigiD, via the app, via SMS or with your passport or ID card
  5. The app then checks in the background whether the GGD has indeed reported that you have been boosted. If so, the information about your shot will appear in the app
  6. If it worked, choose Create QR code to make your proof that you can hopefully show somewhere soon when we are out of this lockdown

Travel advice within Europe

Are you planning to go on holiday soon and are you not sure what to check and/or arrange? For 6 popular holiday countries within Europe we have written detailed blogs with the most up-to-date travel advice + things you need to arrange in advance. Click on one of the links below to go to the travel advice of the relevant country.

What information is in my QR code?

The Dutch QR code

With a Dutch QR code, the inspector only sees minimal data on his or her screen:

  • With a green screen: person has a valid test, vaccination or recovery certificate, or
  • a red screen: person does not have a valid test, vaccination or recovery certificate

The inspector can't see what kind of evidence someone has. To verify your identity, the inspector will see:

  • the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your last name,
  • your date of birth and month of birth.

The international QR code

If you travel with the CoronaCheck from 1 July, more data will be visible during checks at the entrance of locations or at border controls. This has been agreed within Europe (Digital Corona Certificate).

The inspector can see whether you have a test certificate / vaccination certificate / recovery certificate. Depending on the evidence used, the inspector will see:

Information about the international test certificate

  • (a) last name, first name(s) and date of birth;
  • (c) pathogen: COVID-19
  • (d) Test type, test name and test manufacturer
  • (g) Test date, test result and test body
  • (j) Member State where the test was administered
  • (k) Certificate issuer and certificate code

International vaccination data

  • (a) last name, first name(s) and date of birth;
  • (c) pathogen: COVID-19
  • (d) vaccine type, vaccine and vaccine manufacturer
  • (g) number of doses in a series/total number of doses
  • (h) vaccination date
  • (i) Vaccinated Member State
  • (j) Issuer certificate and a certificate code

Information on the International Recovery Proof

  • (a) last name, first name(s) and date of birth;
  • (c) pathogen: COVID-19
  • (d) Date of first positive test
  • (e) Member State where the test was administered
  • (f) Certificate issuer and certificate code
  • (g) Certificate valid from and valid until

More information about the CoronaCheck app can be found on the official website: https://coronacheck.nl/nl

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  • Neither did we at first, you may not want a lot, but you have to. Banks, insurance, etc etc will force you to do this. I myself would prefer to receive my wages in a bag, March unfortunately, times change!

  • Hello all,

    Does anyone know what can I do. My mother is here on vacation (from chile/South America), she brought an international certificate with 2 shots, everything went ok, but now she has a problem getting into a restaurant. They ask for the qr corona (Dutch) and of course she doesn't have that. Only on paper with and qr which cannot be read by the corona app. And temporary corona proof is not possible here either because we have a BSN number etc.. what a drama! Would love to hear from you some tips for this. Thank you so much.. Elizabeth

  • Because there is a line along my screen, the scan does not work, I made a printout of my QR code. This is scanned fine. Now it is so that I can easily give that piece of paper to third parties. All they have to do is learn my first name and my date of birth, as they may be asked to do so. In short, I can print out six and give it to anyone if I want to…….
    It went better abroad: People do not scan, but scroll through to the name and address details and ask for ID proof to see if it is you who shows the scan. In short, a much better control system.

  • So with 1 phone in your household it's actually useless if you always travel together
    because the app can only be used for 1 QR code?

  • QR code international states doses 1 of 1. For NL this is fully vaccinated. Can you also fly to Greece with this?

  • QR code international states doses 1 of 1. For NL this is fully vaccinated. Can you also fly to Greece with this?

  • My husband doesn't want a Digid! How can he get the QR code of the vaccines received on paper?

  • How should I get qr corona for myself and my daughter on the same phone?

  • Nice, but I was pricked for the second time two weeks ago, but nothing has been written in my vaccination history. So I can't request a QR code yet?

  • Nice, but I was pricked for the second time two weeks ago, but nothing has been written in my vaccination history. So I can't request a QR code yet?

  • I didn't know you also needed DigiD so thanks for sharing this information, saves another hour of slogging and calling children.

  • It has finally worked, I also ran into the digid problem. thank you very much for the help!

  • If you scan the international QR code with the corona scanner, you will get a red screen with the text that it is an international QR code. Gosh, I didn't know that yet! If you want to scan your international QR code, you must use an app from a country other than NL. In NL it is not allowed because of privacy, but abroad the privacy rule is therefore not required. Completely nonsensical.

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