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IATA prepares digital Covid-19 Travel Pass for launch

TRAVEL NEWS – January 23, 2021: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects its digital Covid Travel Pass (a mobile application to manage Covid-19 vaccinations and test results) to be ready for use within weeks.

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Etihad IATA Travel Pass
Photo via IATA.org – Etihad IATA Travel Pass

The pass – originally in December was revealed – is intended to verify that a passenger has undergone the Covid-19 tests or vaccines necessary to enter a country. It also verifies that they were managed by a recognized authority.

The trade association considers the pass essential to reopen air travel, as many countries still have strict restrictions or quarantines in place.

“The most important issue is one of trust,” said Vinoop Goel, IATA Regional Director for Airports and External Relations.

“Passengers must be confident that the tests they have taken are accurate and allow them to enter the country.

“Then governments must be able to trust that the tests passengers claim to have carried out are accurate and meet their own conditions.”

IATA said the Travel Pass - which it is preparing with Etihad and a number of other carriers - is designed in a modular way so that it can work with other digital solutions that are being trialled around the world.

British Airways, for example, is working on a separate but compatible VeriFLY solution.

IATA said the Travel Pass will be available on iOS and Android platforms and is expected to be free for passengers.

“We are building the IATA Travel Pass with only one goal: to securely connect our world again.

“IATA has brought advances in global standards such as e-ticketing and mobile boarding passes for consumers in all parts of the world.

“This unique opportunity demonstrates that we can partner with industry and governments to reshape travel processes based on global standards,” said Nick Careen, IATA senior vice president, airport, passengers, cargo and security.

Source: IATA.org

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