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Curaçao will accept the CoronaCheck and CovidSafeBE app as of October 27th

TRAVEL NEWS – October 27, 2021: Curaçao accepts the CoronaCheck (NL) and CovidSafeBE app (BE) as of today October 27. Other travelers from EU countries are also accepted if they have a EU Digital Corona Certificate (EU DCC) on which the CoronaCheck and CovidSafeBE app are also based.

The Netherlands exempt from extra tests

The Netherlands is classified as a country with a low risk, which means that the testing obligation will lapse. Travelers who have been fully vaccinated more than two weeks before departure and who can demonstrate this with the digital corona proof in the CoronaCheck app are now exempted by Curaçao from a corona test before departure and the antigen test on the 3rd day after arrival.

coronacheck app set July 1

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Register your trip on dicardcuracao.com

Before departure, travelers must register at dicardcuracao.com† Here must be a Digital Immigration Card and a Passenger Locator Shape (within a maximum of 48 hours before departure). Fully vaccinated travelers must upload their vaccination certificate while completing the form.

Return to the Netherlands

When you return to the Netherlands from Curaçao, you must be able to show your vaccination certificate again in the CoronaCheck app. However, you no longer need home quarantine, that obligation also expired some time ago. However, a self-test is still recommended.

Note: The official travel advice from the Dutch government on the website Nederlandwereldwijd.nl has not yet been adjusted. The last update is currently dated October 14. This is normal – the website is usually a few days later with updating the information. Click here to view the official travel advice page for Curaçao.

Belgium not (yet) exempt from tests

Because Belgium is currently still regarded as a high-risk country (orange), the country is not yet exempt from the testing obligations. However, it is expected that the testing obligation will soon expire for Belgium as well.

To be sure of the most up-to-date rules and obligations for Belgians, it is best to consult the official website of the Belgian government. You can visit the website by clicking this link to click.

Curaçao reaches milestone of 100.000 first shots

The easing was announced after the island reached an important milestone earlier this week. More than 100.000 of the 160.000 inhabitants have had their first corona jab. Nearly 92.000 people on the island are now fully vaccinated. †source).

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