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EU launches Covid-19 passport on July 1, 2021

TRAVEL NEWS – May 25, 2021: The Council of the European Union has unanimously supported the digital Covid-19 certificate, also known as the Digital Green Pass.

The aim of the new tool is to enable safe and free movement during the Covid-19 pandemic by proving that a person has been vaccinated against the virus, has received a negative test result or has recovered from Covid-19.

The certificate, which will be in use from July 1, will be available both digitally and on paper, will contain a QR code and will be provided free of charge.

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Important step in free movement of all Europeans

It is not a precondition for exercising rights to free movement and it is not a travel document, officials added.

Antonio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal, said: “The certificate is an important step towards a more normal, free and safer life during the pandemic.

“It will facilitate the free movement of all Europeans from this summer.”

The legal framework for the certificate consists of two legislative proposals presented by the European Commission in March.

The first proposal concerns EU citizens and their family members and the second concerns third-country nationals legally residing or staying in the Schengen area.

According to the proposals, the certificate will be able to be used in all EU Member States, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway en Switzerland.

The certificate is also open to initiatives that are being developed worldwide, and can be linked to these in the future.

Virginia Messina, senior vice president at the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), welcomed the news.

She said: “WTTC welcomes the agreement reached on the EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate, which has now been given the green light by all member states.

“This new certificate could hold the key to enable international travel and save thousands of companies and millions of jobs.” Europe and beyond to rescue.

“All 27 member states will welcome vaccinated travelers and travelers with a negative or positive antibody test in time for the peak summer season, providing a huge and much-needed boost to economies.”

She added:

“We call on all member states to have the certificate operational by July 1 without additional restrictions.”

Virginia Messina, WTCC Senior Vice President

“The European Commission is to be applauded for its incredible efforts to launch this important initiative, which could be the driving force behind the revival of tourism.

“For over a year, the tourism industry has been suffering like never before, with 62 million people around the world losing their jobs.

“But this initiative will help restore safe international travel.”

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