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Flight ban and curfew – Cabinet comes with strict new measures

TRAVEL NEWS – January 20, 2021: The cabinet has just announced in the press conference that a curfew and a temporary flight ban will be imposed. The flight ban will apply to the United Kingdom, South Africa and all countries in South America. The curfew will come into effect from next Friday, January 22 at 20:30 PM.

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Flight ban United Kingdom, South Africa and South America

The no-fly zone comes in addition to the announced curfew. According to Prime Minister Rutte, this is necessary to keep the new mutated Covid-19 variants out.

Rutte says: “We will get out of here. But first we have to brace ourselves once more, now that more contagious variants are coming our way. The experts are warning of a third wave and we have to take that seriously.”

“We are all corona tired. Me too. After ten months of restrictions, it gets under your skin.” Rutte then points out that the restrictions will soon provide space.

The flight ban will come into effect on Saturday 23 January and will remain in effect until the cabinet can introduce a mandatory quarantine for travelers.

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Curfew Friday January 22 at 20:30 pm

The most important point from the press conference is of course the controversial curfew, Rutte explains. Rutte points out that nobody feels like it, because the curfew is a very severe measure.

Rutte says: “The advice of the OMT is clear. Do the maximum now, so that we will be ready for what comes next.”

The Crossing in Nijmegen - Curfew in the Netherlands
The Crossing in Nijmegen – Curfew in the Netherlands

The curfew also ensures that supermarkets close earlier. Rutte asks the Netherlands not to go shopping in the last hours, but also to do this early in the morning, for example, so that there is no peak crowds between 7 and 9:XNUMX in the evening.

In addition to the curfew, visitors will also be curtailed. People are no longer allowed to receive two, but a maximum of one person at home. This measure takes effect immediately† Many infections take place at home.

Chamber still has to agree to curfew

The curfew measure still requires a change in the law, which means that the House must approve the new measures. That approval is expected to come soon.

If the House agrees to the curfew, it will come into effect next Friday, January 22 at 20:30 pm. The curfew must then apply between 20.30pm and 4.30am. People who perform essential work, such as providing assistance, are excluded.

There will also be an exemption for letting animals out. However, the very urgent request is to do this alone and not to go further from home than necessary.

Occupations that have to go out for work between 20:30 pm and 4:30 am, such as road workers, must be able to provide an employer's statement when the curfew is in effect. Note: Forging written evidence is a crime and will be punished. do not do this.

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