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Glampings.com raises growth money from investors

TRAVEL NEWS – November 28, 2023: Arnhem, Netherlands – An interesting phase is dawning for Glampings.com, the start-up that focuses entirely on luxury camping (glamping) in Europe. They proudly announce that they have raised an investment, led by a group of successful entrepreneurs.

Dome tent with a view - Glampings.com
Dome tent with a view – Glampings.com

The investors include Reinier Linthorst Homan of Eventtrips (known for, among other things, VoetbalTravel), Thijs Terwiel, retail and e-commerce specialist and Jeroen Derwort, founder of Game Basics (known for, among other things, Online Soccer Manager). “In addition to money, we are bringing a lot of knowledge on board with this group of investors, which allows us to take the platform to the next level more quickly,” says co-founder Sven Schuurmans.

“We are extremely pleased with the involvement of Reinier Linthorst Homan in this investment round. Reinier is enthusiastic about the concept and the growth potential of the glamping market. His knowledge and experience in the field of development and internationalization will help us enormously in further expanding Glampings.com.”

Safari lodge - Glampings.com
Safari lodge – Glampings.com

What will you use the investment for?

"We want to make our platform smarter, create more direct links with providers and use a significant part of the investment for marketing purposes,” says co-founder Tom Groenen. “We are also continuously working to make onboarding easier for glamping owners. This is also necessary because we receive many new registrations from holiday parks and campsites every day. By focusing on automation, we are able to quickly expand our range of glamping accommodations and become the international starting point for glamping enthusiasts.”

Safari tents on the Veluwe - Glampings.com
Safari tents on the Veluwe – Glampings.com

How does Glampings.com differentiate itself from the existing platforms?

Unlike other booking sites, such as Booking.com, Glampings.com only selects glamping accommodations. Sven Schuurmans: “We see that beautiful glamping concepts often disappear in the enormous range of accommodations. The visitor has difficulty finding the right accommodation based on his desired glamping criteria. This could be an adventurous tree house on the Veluwe or a luxurious safari tent with private sanitary facilities on Lake Garda. By bringing together supply & demand in the right way, the glamping owner receives the desired target group at his park or campsite and the guest does not have to go through an endless search to find his favorite accommodation.” 

Safari tent in the woods - Glampings.com
Safari tent in the woods – Glampings.com

What is the current status of Glampings.com?

“We went live in July with a handful of accommodations and parks. We now have more than 1000 glamping accommodations on our website, and we are now working on connecting a number of major glamping providers. Our goal is to present an extensive range as quickly as possible, in all major holiday countries in Europe,” says Groenen.

Is this the only investment needed to grow Glampings.com?

"No, we will need several rounds of investment to realize our growth plans,” says Groenen. “Our goal is to scale quickly and become an international success, with a broad offering and bookings throughout Europe and beyond.”

About Glampings.com:

Sven Schuurmans and Tom Groenen | Glampings.com
Sven Schuurmans and Tom Groenen | Glampings.com

Sven Schuurmans and Tom Groenen are the inspiration behind the glamping organization, “the combination of travel, online marketing and e-commerce has been their driving force for more than 15 years. In a rapidly growing glamping market, there is a need for a complete platform that focuses entirely on luxury camping experiences. With Glampings.com they offer glamping enthusiasts an inspiring, online glamping experience where visitors can easily search by price and availability, but can also make direct reservations.

Visit https://www.glampings.com . 

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