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Charging stations Europe | Top 5 countries for an electric car holiday

TRAVEL NEWS – July 29, 2022: Load stress: in The Netherlands you hardly suffer from it if you drive an electric car. After all, a public charging point is never far away. But what about if you want to go on holiday with your electric car? That's what energy company Zonneplan was looking for. It calculated based on data from the Europese Commissie the average number of kilometers to a public charging station in all European countries. Slovenia comes out as arguably the most interesting EV holiday destination.

Top 10 European countries with highest charging station density
Top 10 European countries with highest charging station density | Source: Zonneplan.nl

It is striking that the European microstates in particular score high when it comes to 'charging station density'. Monaco leads the ranking: on average you don't have to drive a kilometer in the principality to be able to charge your EV. Andorra and Liechtenstein are also in the top-10, in which we encounter the Netherlands and Luxembourg in second and third place. We find our neighboring countries Belgium and Germany in place nine and ten. Here the average distance to a public charging point is just over ten kilometers.

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electrical roadtrip to Slovenia

According to Zonneplan, a holiday in the sun is especially important Slovenia recommended if you go by electric car. You then largely drive through countries in the top 10 in terms of charging station density. The energy company advises via Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Liechtenstein instead of driving directly via Germany direction Austria to tour. The reason: the German electricity price is the fourth highest in the world. In France you pay almost half less. The same applies to final destination Slovenia.

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Source: Zonneplan.nl

Difficult charging in Croatia and Italy

The figures analyzed by Zonneplan show that, in absolute terms, the Netherlands is the leader in the number of charging points. Our country has almost 92 thousand. Germany (63 thousand) and France (55 thousand) follow at a considerable distance. Compared to the length of the road network, France, often seen as a large EV country, does not go further than 15th in the European ranking. Other popular holiday destinations like Spain, Croatia en Italy we find them in places 19, 20 and 21 respectively. You have to drive there on average about 30 kilometers for a charging station.

Average distance to public charging station for electric cars in Europe
Average distance to public charging station for electric cars in Europe | Source: Zonneplan.nl

It should be added that this concerns charging points along the highway as well as charging points in towns and cities. The chance that you have to deviate from your route to be able to load is therefore considerably greater in these countries than in Slovenia, for example. Switzerland or Germany.

Source: https://www.zonneplan.nl/

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