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Japan open to tourists again, under one condition

TRAVEL NEWS – 25 August 2022: In this (post-)pandemic world, Japan the only G7 country yet to fully reopen to tourism. The country started accepting foreign tourists in June, provided they enter the country as part of a guided group tour. Unfortunately, this has not proved popular, as NHK. One of the largest news websites in Japan has new report and news item reported that less than 8.000 foreign tourists visited Japan in July.

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Independent Tourists in Japan

But this seems to be changing. According to the same report, the Japanese government is independent tourists from abroad to enter the country. You no longer have to sign up for a group tour, but there is one other condition: You must arrange your visit through a travel agency that manages your travel route in Japan. Free travel or backpacking without a plan, or a self-made plan, is therefore still not possible for the time being.

If the trip has been approved in advance, this new measure can ensure that you are already on a plane to Japan in September.

Easy to arrange via travel agency

While this may not be the reopening news most people were hoping for, it's still a big easing of Japan's strict border restrictions. After all, a travel plan or itinerary is quite easy to arrange through an established travel agency in The Netherlands of Belgium. Many people therefore immediately start requesting quotes for travel to Japan.

If you also want to get started and see what is possible, you can request quotes from one or more Japan suppliers from the list below:

No more pre-arrival PCR test

Another important announcement: Earlier this week, Japan already confirmed that it will no longer require a pre-arrival PCR test of travelers who have been fully vaccinated (including booster dose).

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