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It's official: EU gets vaccination passport called Digital Green Pass

TRAVEL NEWS – March 6, 2021: The European Commission will table a legislative proposal this month on a digital vaccination passport proving that a traveler has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, President Ursula von der Leyen said on Twitter on Monday. The digital vaccination passport will continue under the name 'Digital Green Pass"(source).

In previous news articles (click) earlier this year it became clear that several countries within the EU were working on this, fed and supported by IATA, the largest aviation trade organization in the world. It was only a matter of waiting for an official confirmation from the EU, which has now come.

Read: IATA urges support for European digital vaccination certificate to learn more about the proposal.


Moving safely within the EU

“The aim is to gradually enable them to move safely within the European Union or abroad – for work or tourism,” Ursula von der Leyen announced on Twitter.

But to avoid discrimination, the pass should also include other information, such as results of recent COVID-19 tests or proofs of immunity.

Also read: Vaccination refusal: fear of restricted travel and public access

Ready for the summer of 2021

A package of measures targeting travel is already expected on March 17, ahead of a meeting of EU leaders on March 25, said Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas. “The goal would be to set a common direction for the safe opening of Europe...

“This is of course a legislative proposal… so this is not something that could be optional”.

Vice-President of the Commission – Margaritis Schinas

EU leaders already agreed in January what a vaccine certificate should look like, although it was only intended for medical purposes. The bill that has come in will add something to that.

The certificate would within three months should be ready “if everything goes according to plan,” said a Commission spokesperson – something von der Leyen noted last week (source).

Several EU leaders, including Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, lobbied at last week's meeting for a green pass to relaunch freedom of travel.

More medical data in the digital passport

The certificates are likely to include a broader medical history surrounding the coronavirus, including recovery information and recent test results† Immunity can also be included in the application if proven (by being tested positive, being sick, and later testing negative). Traveling in 2021 therefore does not depend on a vaccination alone.

The application may also apply to countries that are not members of the European Union. The European Commission said yesterday it would work with the World Health Organization (WHO) to extend the scheme to other countries. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's official spokesman added that the UK would discuss working with the EU on its new 'vaccine passport' plans.

Good travel news at last

Full details of the schedule will be released later this month and the aim is for the 'passports' to launch in June at the earliest. The fact that a trip abroad might be possible again later this year is – finally!!! – the positive travel news we've been waiting for so long.

UPDATE March 8, 2021: Not entirely unexpectedly, Arjen Lubach came up with a very interesting piece on this subject last night. Both the pros and cons are well put together in this episode, so in our opinion worth watching. You can watch the episode below.

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  • Hi Evelyn, although I am much later with my response than you are with yours, as it is now Feb 8th. 2022, it is now more clear what is going on. In particular, the vaccines do not do what they are expected to do and the side effects are often severe and much more common than is generally reported in the news. The so-called fear mode you mention is a tactical means to move world citizens towards submission, when those citizens themselves do not think (anymore) and also when they are instructed by God, in their experience, that the government governs our country in his name.
    If you look for the document “Silent weapons for quiet wars” which can be downloaded for free as a PDF, you can understand how psychological warfare has developed methods that creep into society imperceptibly for most. The climate report is also an example of this. Growing fear in the world citizen about breathing out CO2 while our life is built from that substance, by all plant life that provides our oxygen. Try to take a path in which you determine whether you let fear rule your discernment and clarity of mind. We are currently living in a lie akin to what the fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes tells us. Everyone pretends that the emperor is beautifully dressed as he walks in the parade bare-bottomed. Anyone who doesn't believe that and says it out loud will be beaten up by a mindless mob.
    The orders of the tailors are that anyone who cannot see the Emperor's new clothes is stupid and incapable of life and work. All the Emperor's counselors lick his heels, or else they can go.
    I'll leave it up to you to find out who the scumbags are these days. They participate in the parade called pandemic. And there is a little boy in the audience who one day shouts: ………………. count on it.

  • I have always been an avid traveler. But if I need this kind of nonsense to book an overnight stay somewhere abroad, I'll stop. I hope that more Dutch people can keep their backs straight.

  • This is terribly scary, we have entered a totalitarian system that is unparalleled. All that for a virus, comparable to a severe flu. It's scary, it's dangerous and there's no turning back. People are finally waking up. Our fundamental rights are systematically being attacked and abolished.

  • When reading a report, a good report, thoughts dart back and forth.

    In the past came upon mankind, disease and pestilence. The strong survived and the weak died. A natural process. The “survivors” were not given a passport.

    Nature had everything under control. Today THE MAN.

    PEOPLE believe that they have a solution for everything.
    A “redeeming medicine” in the very short term.

    Man's protagonist is MONEY, MAMMON.

    What role does the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob still play in this?
    Has He been cast aside altogether? Or does He no longer exist?
    Who has the last WORD.

  • Everyone here forgets exactly that the European Commission is not allowed to make decisions! They may only submit proposals and these must then be approved by the European Council… The latter stated on 27/1 that vaccination should not be compulsory and that non-vaccinated people should not be disadvantaged compared to vaccinated people. What will ultimately result from this is not predictable, but what is certain is that this will cause fireworks

  • So because I've been doing my best for years to live a healthy life and therefore don't want to inject chemical shit into my body, I now have fewer rights than a lazy person who just takes that injection without thinking about it. Logically.

  • wow lubach this was even more left than left. I once liked you, now you make me puke!

  • Correct! In 2018, patients were lying in the corridors of hospitals.

    It is telling that everyone has apparently already forgotten that…

  • Various countries and states worldwide are proving that throwing things open is the best solution, but you simply unquestioningly support an unconstitutional and discriminatory measure!

    And here you just let your freedom be further limited. Unimaginable!!!

  • Do you really not see the problem? Isn't it too bizarre that you have to be tested if you have no complaints?? Then the PCR gives many false positives ... the PCR to test corona has been established very dubious anyway and only tests pieces of all kinds of viruses, not whether someone is contagious or sick or carries the virus in sufficient quantity to be infected. That entire test has to be taken off the table asap, that's what the entire mismanagement is based on. And have all those people who contributed to it appear before a tribunal, such as Drosten, Koopmans, v Dissel, Merkel, Rutte, de Jonge, Kaag, Grapperhaus, Tedros, Osterhaus and many more who are up to their necks in it. They help with their lust for money and WEF is killing the entire human scale and terrifying the entire world's population about a virus that isn't even really dangerous. It only seems that way because of the PCR test and then the circle is round again because they are as unreliable as what. Where people used to die of pneumonia or old age, it is now all of a sudden covid due to the testing policy.

  • But if you don't want that, just like all the people who don't want the shot, what happens to it?
    Would that be the last people in the world . Just like my uncle who died from the second vaccination .
    Tell why this should be mandatory and for which corona mutations?
    Two years ago, more people died from the flu than now from the corona

  • I hope that the Netherlands will actually participate in it! Everything here is seen as discrimination against people who do not want to be vaccinated. That will be weeks of discussions! We (70+ very) keep it on bike rides in the Netherlands because we haven't been vaccinated yet! We are especially sorry that the families with children, who were unable to go on holiday last year, have nowhere to go. Vaccination is going way too slow!

  • I hate this so much! Really, why did we let ourselves be so scared? It is now clear that this is not Ebola, as they thought last year, but comparable to a very heavy flu season? In old newspapers you can read how much effort doctors had to do in previous years to be able to place 1 patient. A doctor said he had to call as many as 18 hospitals. And that operations were cancelled. Were there lock downs then? Face masks? Curfew? Mandatory vaccinations? No. This is no longer true. And don't think that it will stay with 1 vaccine, they will not set up this whole circus for that, there will be many more. We live in a nasty world and most people fall for it, wear masks that don't work and believe that a vaccine is the only way out. How can you take all that and believe it?

  • Nobody wants this and certainly not necessary for a virus that 98% does not notice, this whole corona drama is being exaggerated with no scientifically substantiated measures. One day people will be brought to justice for violating human rights.

  • @Ton We don't FORCE it!!! But Ton starts like this and we will soon be in Nazi Germany and Nazi Netherlands 2.0!
    Snape vous?!

  • Ho Ho I didn't say that moderator twisted my words.
    Vaccination kills etc. I said

    IS THIS CENSORSHIP!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????

  • The Spanish flu was not flu, but a worldwide vaccination with which they started at the end of the 1st World War in the US Nota Bene. The millions of surplus syringes (vaccines) went to the soldiers and civilians in Europe.!!!
    ziw pdf “VIRUSMANIA”

    Know Your History!!!

  • Vaccination against corona (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) is simply sensible. Help your fellow man, the entrepreneurs, so that everything can go back to normal as soon as possible.

  • The whiskey bottles and champagne bottles can be opened at the pharmaceuticals. Sales guaranteed from now on. There is no other industry as supported and sponsored as pharmaceuticals.

  • The vaccine is in a testing phase, getting freedom through a shot of which the consequences are not clear is not freedom!

  • only freedom if you let yourself be injected, without knowing the long-term consequences.

  • Hans, are you going to infect all of Croatia, Germany and Austria and Slovenia?
    A vaccine only ensures that you probably won't die yourself.
    It does not ensure that you can no longer get the disease. You can still infect others even if you have been vaccinated.


  • Lubachje knows how to give it a nice twist. Putting a group away by portraying a few "idiots" does an injustice to many sensible people who are concerned about this development and the syringe for very good reasons. So dear Mr. Lubach. I give you the "vaccine". I don't have to. Do all.

  • Very happy with any kind of freedom of movement. We have been vaccinated (AstraZenica), but are already going to Croatia at the end of May. We travel with our own caravan. I wonder whether we would be wise to purchase a yellow vaccination passport stating that we have been vaccinated. But I wonder if we can drive through Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

  • If you are vaccinated you will not get corona anymore .. but I thought you could still transmit the virus .. so I hope that tests still have to be done before traveling.

  • Then no more travel. But never, ever a test or vaccine for me!

  • As if a "Covid-19 passport" has anything to do with SAFE travel.
    For the time being, it is not yet known at all whether vaccination prevents infection (probably not because that is not what it is intended for) and so it says NOTHING about being contagious and infecting others. Not even about getting sick (and possibly dying as a result).
    This is just another attempt to enslave the world's population.

  • Gert when you have received the 1st shot you will receive a card with the date and name of the vaccine, the date of the next shot is also on it.
    This is also recognized as proof that you have been vaccinated.n

  • several times a year. and not only against Covid-19, but also against Covid 21, and all the following “deadly” viruses. Yummy!

  • Think about it! It is the undermining of your fundamental rights! It is an indirect vaccination obligation.

  • Do you really agree that you want to abolish democracy and the right to dispose of your own body? That is a fundamental right!

  • I do hope that this nonsense will no longer apply in 2022. That we don't all have to live in that fear mode forever.

  • It is outrageous that you are required to take an experimental vaccine or have your physical integrity violated with an unreliable PCR test in order to travel. And all that for a virus that causes nothing more than a severe flu! Apparently discrimination is no longer a dirty word in Europe!

  • Luckily I don't like to travel. So such a passport will not affect me directly. But of course it's ridiculous that they even come up with such an idea. And for what? A harmless virus with a ridiculously low mortality rate. Please don't fall for it.

  • Just safe? Are you aware that the vaccination can cause an autoimmune disease, that the new technique has not yet been studied for long-term effects and you have until Dec. 2023 are part of a trial? I hope you will read up and inform yourself (not through the regular news!) before making any decisions..

  • Gert.. I see that you are one of the youngsters. These measures will probably affect you as well. Are you aware that the vaccination can cause an autoimmune disease, that the new technique has not yet been studied for long-term effects and that you have until Dec. 2023 are part of a trial? I hope you will read up and inform yourself (not through the regular news!) before making any decisions.. love.

  • just sickly this is devilish! bunch of insane lunatics making this up! there is also such a thing as the universal declaration of human rights (13You can move freely in your own country. You can leave any country (including your own)) whoever comes up with this is crazy dictatorship! blackmail! and everything for the flu the entire population must be vaccinated and have a fucking green card in your pocket well I think it's terrible because everyone is free to go wherever they want!

  • This is not surprising since this has been prepared long in advance. The passports have already been bought in 2020! We are simply forced and that is extremely discriminatory! Will they also set up medical data there while they cannot yet set up a GGD privacy-proof. I don't trust this at all! So all GroenLinks vote to get rid of this nonsense.

  • Finally positive travel news? Serious? Nothing positive about it. But they have achieved what they already wanted in 2018. A vaccination passport. First limit everything for a year and create fear, then they will probably agree. madness. I'm not in on it.

  • Let's turn it around.

    Anyone who is vaccinated will not be allowed in with me, may not travel with me in the car and must always stay at least 2 meters away from me. Vaccinated people form a large risk group because they are convinced that nothing can happen to them because they have been vaccinated. They can therefore still be carriers of a virus, especially because they believe they are immune but are therefore a danger to others. Yellow vaccination star or not

  • Well Luc, I agree with you. So I will not see my children for 2 years because not everyone will have had a vaccination before this holiday !!!! A resentful Belgian in Spain xx

  • Indirectly forcing is also forcing, if you don't take the vaccine then you will become a social pariah if it's up to the government!!
    Disgusting, outrageous, degrading even.

  • Too sad for words that this is brought as good news… These vaccinations, of which it is not clear in the long term what they will cause, are now being pushed even more down the throat. Through this incomprehensible decision/legislative proposals, European citizens are simply put under pressure to get vaccinated. Another attack on our democracy and free world. No Digital Green Pass? No vacation! In short, manipulation to the max.

    Nice that they mention that immunity is also being looked at. But that is of course the greatest possible nonsense there is. Immunity cannot be proven. Anyone who has had COVID can simply get it again. No antibodies have been found in several people after being ill. Also, if I've had the flu this year, it doesn't mean I won't get the flu again. Next season/year there will be a new “mutation” or “variant” and I just get sick again. This is no different for COVID. Too bad to read how naive a lot of people are and pin all their hopes on this vaccine. Good luck paralyzing the natural immune system. And please don't beep in five or ten years when the shit really hits the fan.

  • We don't oblige it was said, but that way you are forced to spray.
    This is something that I say from the beginning what would happen and then they say you are crazy, but if you go with this the end is missing.

  • Isn't it right. anyone who is not vaccinated just has to submit a negative test like now that's all

  • It is so and so for young and old that you will be discriminated against if you decide not to take a vaccination at all, because then you are not allowed anything more. Where is this world going

  • If this is true then the whole travel industry could sink me into shit. I refuse to vaccinate mine. Those who do want to do it, go ahead if it makes you feel better. sluggards. Most don't want to be blackmailed. I'd say boycott that airline and don't travel for a few years. Unless you want to visit your family or loved ones. Then I would go but for the rest for those 3 weeks vacation? Let's see if we are not more powerful than those lobbyists and the WHO who think they have us in their grip. Greetings

  • This passport is a freedom-restricting measure and has nothing to do with illness!!!!

    Our freedom is being taken away from us...

  • Sure. Wonderful news.. Apartheid is also a wonderful thing. This is downright shocking and you sit and cheer.

  • What a rant about that passport. Whether or not you are vaccinated or not,
    you can just travel. You can also travel with a negative pcr test.

  • Hi Mirella,

    That is not entirely clear to us yet. But on March 17, the bill will come out with more detail, so I'm going to do my best to trace it in its entirety as soon as possible, summarize it and share it again on our website so you know what can and cannot be done this summer.

  • What a good comment Albert, totally agree with you! May, can I copy it to share with your name on it?

  • It is claimed that it is not mandatory to be vaccinated, but they do want to push the passport through. That means if you are not vaccinated, you can no longer travel. This is what I call a hidden obligation. It's a shame. People are no longer in charge of their own bodies and their actions. Europe is a real dictatorship. With pickpockets in power who don't care about the opinion of the population.

  • I am glad that something is finally coming and that countries can agree on the approach. Vaccinations have always been normal for world travelers, one more or less I really don't worry about. The vaccine is just safe, so don't nag people like that.

  • I stand behind you, this passport is a freedom-restricting measure and has nothing to do with illness!

  • What a bad thing a vaccination pass! For many people this means that they can no longer travel! The Corona vaccine is still not safe and / or effective!

  • Tries that you report positively about this! Just so you can travel again! This should also be possible without such a passport. Human rights and freedom to make your own choices to get vaccinated with an experimental syringe are harmed here but apparently are not important

  • What a crap so say passport so the ones who have been vaccinated are allowed to travel, but the ones who are only vaccinated later are not.

  • Thank you Albert, what an enlightening and valuable response. I think/hope that your response will open the eyes (something) of many people. Wish you all the best.

    Namaste from the Netherlands and hopefully soon from Indonesia,

  • that is outrageous and it will cost money to get this again the same as the test that also costs money they already ordered it in 2017 but is never mentioned on tv discrimination is this thought they lived in a free country but it turns out nothing more to be true why a passport if 70% would have already received their injection it would not hurt anymore so to speak and there is no obligation but they still require this if you want to travel or want to enter somewhere pure money beater

  • It's not about not giving, it's about equality of people and that is not there now.
    After all, everyone is equal!!!!! That's not it!!! Humanity is discriminated against by this.
    If it were 2022, humanity would be equal and everyone would have had equal opportunities.
    Now people are all put in boxes.
    That's my opinion

  • Just way too crooked for words this! Forcibly making people take a few injections in exchange for being able to travel!

  • Thank you for this healthy response❣
    It is also an indirect vaccination obligation.

  • think many have already heard about a so-called 'green passport'. The document that must be issued to everyone who has been vaccinated against corona.

    The idea for such a passport is no longer just an idea in Israel, but it is already being put into practice. It sometimes sounds quite acceptable, after all, as a vaccinated person you are safe from the virus, so in principle you do not pose any danger to public health and you can therefore move freely.

    Today we could read at the NOS that Europe is also going to embrace the idea of ​​such a passport so that citizens who have been vaccinated can travel freely through Europe again.

    Sympathetic, right? Or…

    The flip side of that coin is not sympathetic at all. In fact, it's just really dark. It means quite a bit if you are not vaccinated.

    The unvaccinated may have many reasons for choosing not to take this vaccine.

    These can be faith reasons. Having the conviction from the belief in God that vaccination is not the way to deal with life.

    Another reason may relate to the way a vaccine has been developed, for example because cells from aborted babies have been used.

    For a considerable group of people it is still an issue that this vaccine has only been tested for such a short time. There is hardly any insight into the long-term consequences. Is infertility a real threat? Or maybe immunity issues? There is still too much unclear to them.

    And there are also people who have the belief that virus and/or vaccine is a means in the hands of malicious governments or individuals. With the intent to gain control over the world's population.

    All these people, with their own beliefs, are those "unvaccinated."

    And to get straight to the point: they do not get a passport because, according to the ideas behind the green passport, they do pose a danger to public health. That already sounds different. It is immediately reminiscent of the years before the Second World War. Then there was also a group that was classified as a danger to public health. Exactly, those were the Jews. They were also labeled as spreaders of disease.

    We have learned to play with words better, to be so-called 'civilized'. We now say that vaccinated people are not a danger to public health and we leave it to the imagination of the people to think and sometimes pronounce that the other person is really a disease-spreader.

    Do you know what resulted from that attitude toward the Jews? Slowly but surely they were no longer allowed to participate in public life. No more going to museums, theaters or sporting events.

    And now let that be what is happening today with the unvaccinated! In Israel, museums, theaters and sporting events are only accessible to holders of a green passport.

    These developments in Israel are downright worrisome. A dichotomy arises in society that is extreme. And let's face it, this doesn't just stay in Israel. In another context, the Apostle Paul already used the expression: "First the Jew and then for the Greek."

    As mentioned, the European Commission is already preparing its proposals for this passport. We will also see this dichotomy in Europe and the rest of the world. And it becomes one group against another group. Friend to friend, brother to brother, fathers to sons, daughters to mothers. The love will grow cold, the reproaches will only grow. And people will hate each other more and more.

    Is this just doom and gloom? If we keep in mind the example of the persecution of the Jews, then it is not just doom and gloom, but a life-threatening danger, in other words: a mortal danger.

    The Jews were then expelled step by step from public life. Not all at once, but step by step. I know people who sincerely wonder why more Jews didn't see what happened at the time and why they didn't pack their bags en masse.

    And do you know why that was the case back then? Because it went so 'slowly'. It pretty much started with that bench in the park. Jews were no longer allowed to sit on it. Not so bad, it seems. Then don't sit on that couch. After all, that's just a small thing. And so many Jews thought at the time. And also a lot of non-Jews, who were allowed to sit on that bench. But then it went on.

    Jews were also no longer allowed to enter the theater, but hey, a lot of them never went there anyway, so the restriction was not so bad. And museum visits were not necessarily of vital importance, so a ban on museum visits was also acceptable. And when the parks were completely closed to Jews, they didn't go to the park anyway. Just walking down the street was fine too.

    And in our time we catch ourselves that we are just like that. Not going to the theater because I'm not vaccinated? Oh, I never got there anyway. And museums and sporting events…, I can do without them.

    Step by step, the freedom of the Jews was taken away. The yellow star ensured that they could no longer 'just' walk on the street. When Nazis arrived, they were more than recognizable and immediately put their lives in danger.

    What Hitler took years to implement at the time to implement his anti-Jewish measures, we now see the changes coming across the world at breakneck speed in our time.

    What will the green passport bring about? It already starts with exclusion from the theater, but can we soon be stopped all the time to check whether we belong to the spreaders of disease? And what is the next step? Actually, that's no longer a question. The answer is obvious: Exclusion!

    If you are not vaccinated, certain professions will be closed to you. Surely you can't work in healthcare as a spreader of disease, can you? Or at a counter or cash register. The scenario is clear. We don't yet have a mark on the outside of our body that shows whether we have been vaccinated, but we will have to have the mark with us in the future.

    It's time we wake up. It is no longer a question of whether or not to vaccinate. That is everyone's choice. Feel free to talk to each other about your beliefs, but don't judge each other if the other person has a different opinion and makes a different choice than you.

    It is not about vaccination, but about the system that is being built here. A system of control, dichotomy, discrimination, and this can eventually lead to… yes, I am indeed thinking of the Nazi dictatorship.

    It's actually amazing that there isn't a massive protest against these ideas. In Israel there is protest, but it is very limited.

    And in the Netherlands and the rest of the world? Israel is looked at more or less admiringly because of the speed with which the vaccination program has been taken up. And they are looking again at Israel regarding the idea of ​​the green passport. And they think they will take over.

    A while ago in the Netherlands there was talk about restrictions for unvaccinated people and because of protests it was very quickly pretended that this idea was abandoned. But… in reality they had devised a different way of speaking. It wasn't limiting the unvaccinated, they said, it was about rewarding the vaccinated. And the Netherlands was lulled to sleep. The idea of ​​a reward system for the vaccinated has now been almost fully accepted. And yes, also among Christians, in churches, congregations and in politics.

    Here too the question is appropriate: Where is the mass protest against this system? Where are those followers of Yeshua who call in their Bible circles, congregations, families, their environment not to participate in this system. If there is any protest, it is the few. And we should be awakened en masse with this scenario in mind.

    Imagine that you want to be vaccinated, do you want to accept that the other person, the unvaccinated person, will have fewer opportunities than you? Do you want to walk with a green passport so that you can do everything you want, and at the same time see that others are excluded? The idea alone should fill you with shame in advance. Acceptance of such a system is not normal.

    If you don't have a green passport, you're just screwed. And the solution is not, I repeat, the solution is not to get vaccinated. You are free to decide that you do not want to be vaccinated. Just as free as you may decide to take that vaccination.

    No, the solution to this is for you to open your mouth. Where you have a voice, you must make it sound. Not for or against the vaccine, but against the threat of discrimination and exclusion of part of the population. Against the stamp that people get if they don't want this vaccine in their body. Your friends, your family, your colleagues or fellow students, they have the right not to be classified in the group 'disease spreaders' or the group 'vaccinated'.

    You will not get any advice from me as to whether or not you should get vaccinated. I leave that choice entirely up to you. I do call on you not to just accept the system of 'reward and exclude' and consider it normal.

    Finally, the best advice I can give in connection with all of this was written by Paul when he wrote a letter to one of the early churches:

    Ephesians 5:10-17 – Examine what the will of the Lord is. Do not participate in the fruitless practices of the darkness, but expose them precisely, for what happens in secret is too shameful for words.

    But whatever is exposed by the light becomes manifest, and whatever is revealed is itself light. That's why it says, "Awake from your sleep, arise from the dead, and the Messiah will shine on you."

    So be careful which way you walk, do not behave like fools but like wise people. Use your days well, because we live in a bad time.

    Do not be foolish, but try to understand what the will of the Lord is!”

    Shalom from Jerusalem.

    Albert de Hoop, March 2021

  • Because this is a different kind of passport. With this they have all your data. Such a nice idea. NOT! It would almost make you believe in conspiracy theories. I will not be vaccinated and will not be able to travel for the time being.

  • Totally agree with you!
    Where is all this going….
    I do not need a vaccination and I am not in favor of the tests.

    My husband is Portuguese and we normally go to Portugal once a year with the children so that they also get culture etc from there and so that we can just 'refuel' after a year of hard work. And my in-laws often come here for 1 weeks in May. Unfortunately, 'corona' came around the corner there last year (3).. we thought that's a shame, but skipping 2020 year we will survive. Unfortunately, it now looks like it is only possible if we get vaccinated (no idea if our 1 kids should be vaccinated or if it is from a certain age). In short, if I don't get vaccinated, I'll never leave the Netherlands again?‍♀️.
    RIDICULOUS...that's just pure discrimination! (I don't like reacting to things at all but this makes me very sad but also quite angry)

  • If you get vaccinated with a vaccine and you don't know what the long-term consequences are. Then no vacation.

  • This is oppression and discrimination. You are not allowed to decide about your own life and body, then you will be excluded from society. This starts with travel, but what more later……

  • Good news, that's one way to sell it too. Hopefully there aren't too many who fall for it and a lot that do keep their feet up. Aviation naturally loses a lot of income.

  • Rutte was not so tame for nothing when there was talk about a vaccination passport. He had known for a long time that this would be arranged at European level. After the Spanish flu with two hundred and fifty million deaths worldwide, life went on as usual. Now with two and a half million deaths worldwide, I have to get vaccinated with a vaccine that is officially still in a testing stage, I didn't think so. Do I deny Corona no I have been on the ventilator for 8 days but still think that the measures, given the number of infections and death, have been greatly exaggerated. Of course every death is one too many, but unfortunately that's life, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.

  • don't you act so childish and selfish, the old people who built up europe, often experienced the war. can't go on holiday for many more years, have to wait until you are vaccinated?

  • We are all being screwed by the Eu
    And who is in favor : the countries that are already almost bankrupt .
    What are they doing

  • I think this is pure discrimination because vaccination is not mandatory I am 55 and have been 1xsick and also.nog after the flu jab so.ik do not let me inject with corona. So das.passport is never legally valid

  • So this… I agree 100% with you. People apparently don't look any further, what sun only implies for the future. “If we can only go on holiday for a week” this is an outright invasion of privacy and governments continue to determine what you can or cannot participate in public life.. very.worrying…

  • And then be proud that only the guinea pigs get access to travel until the day you experience health problems...

  • What's the point of this passport? With vaccination the virus is still spreading so I really don't understand. What I do understand is that this initiative is also co-sponsored by WHO.

  • Vaccination booklet from GG&D is it not enough??I always travel with that booklet and accepted everywhere

  • Is and remains discriminatory as long as not every resident of the EU was able to be vaccinated and in violation of their laws on free movement of persons within the Schengen countries.

  • Exactly.
    It is strange that a 'passport' is being prepared for this temporary authorization of vaccines, still in phase 3 of research.
    It is incomprehensible that so many people do not really think about what this means.
    Normally speaking, when you participate in a phase 3 study, there is a considerable fee in return and you choose participants yourself.

  • Indeed!! The passport should certainly not come!
    Disgraceful and you're getting splits again.
    If you don't get vaccinated you will stay outside everywhere!
    This is really too crazy for words!
    I won't be vaccinated, I don't want that shit in my body, I don't do that with the flu shot!

  • I'm 68 I'm not going to travel anymore so don't let me prick too much risk involved. I'll wait a few years. if I'm still alive in 2025 I'll let it be

  • This is totally in direct opposition of the Habeas corpus principle + the vaccines are experimental, which as such is in complete disregard of the result of the Nurnberg processes after the Nazi regime, where it was stated that one should never experiment on humans. Moreover, this basis of legislation is in conflict with the European Treaty of Human Rights, as it will install a reason to discriminate and the non vaccinated would be regarded people with less rights than others. If the vaccin would, as is claimed but not scientifically proven, be supposedly something safe and effective, then the people who take the vaccine should not be worried about the non vaccinated, ergo a need for obligatory vaccination is useless and unnecessary.

  • Can one already travel with this after one vaccination? Or is the double required?

  • It's pure discrimination.
    So someone who does not get tested, does not want a vaccination etc etc, is literally obliged to stay indoors.
    Hopefully more people see this and we take appropriate action on this nonsense.
    No freedom means no more paying taxes, etc.
    Those idiots in the EU and beyond are asking for something to happen this way.

  • It will then mainly be personal travel, guides and drivers (group travel) will also not be vaccinated by that time. Getting tested today already costs 100 €

  • I understand that you are disappointed that you are not vaccinated until later. But I think it's a shame that you don't give others the "lead" (That's how you seem to experience it). So the youngsters cannot be vaccinated in time, then the other groups that have already had their turn will have to wait a year… Very short-sighted and it only shows selfishness. Unfortunately.

  • Suppose it is not your turn to vaccinate yet. Can you travel with a negative GGD test result or is this still the test of € 130,- pp? Hopefully I can be vaccinated everyone before the summer holidays or a GGD test will suffice and then this is great news!

  • Why not just put a stamp in the yellow vaccination booklet that contains the other vaccinations that you sometimes need to travel to certain countries?

  • It's a shame this happened! There are means of prevention and cure! The vaccine has not even been fully approved yet, it is a preliminary approval, studies are still running until 2022/2023, effect and long-term side effects are not yet known, it is a new technique that has never been used before and nothing is known about it is in the longer term, European laws in the field of genetic engineering have been amended to allow (provisional) approval of this vaccine. And they want to (indirectly) oblige? And all for a virus that only affects 2% of the population. Do I get a passport if I eat healthy, exercise enough, don't smoke, etc? That gives more indications of health than a vaccine!

  • Totally agree with you. Our holiday is planned for 5 weeks of June and the first week of July. But we have no prospect of vaccination yet. Indeed, go into 2022 so that everyone has equal opportunities.

  • Gert, I completely understand what you're saying and I myself fall into a group that probably has to wait even longer… (I'm 36 years old). But I think it's already a great thing that something is now being introduced, at least at European level, that makes traveling possible against the same rules and standards. I also see a lot of information that parts of Asia (Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia) want to use the same technology, rules and applications to make travel possible again. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a worldwide thing, this year.

  • We as young people can only vaccinate in July August .. which is now indirectly mandatory .. so we can't go on holiday yet. So it's discrimination anyway. If you do it now in 2022. Does everyone have equal opportunities?

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