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Thailand requires Thailandplus Track & Trace app for tourists

TRAVEL NEWS – February 23, 2021: All foreign tourists who come to Thailand want to travel must download a new application called “ThailandPlus” before they can enter the country. The application is a new Track & Trace system that will be mandatory for all tourists who want to visit the country. Watch the official video above for more information from the Thai government.

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Special Tourist Visa

The Thai government has introduced this new application as Thailand prepares to open its borders to the world and promote the Special Tourist Visa (STV) long-stay program for non-Thai citizens.

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ThailandPlus is jointly developed by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and the Prime Minister's Office, through the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization). It will build confidence among foreign tourists about their health and safety and help limit the spread of COVID-19 infection.

thailand plus app
The ThailandPlus Track & Trace app

“This application allows the Thai government to contact foreign visitors more quickly and efficiently in the event of a local COVID-19 outbreak,” said a spokesman for the Thai government. Thai embassies and consulates will explain to foreign visitors how to use the application. In any case, all foreign visitors need a “certificate of entry” before the start of the trip, which is issued at the embassies. The explanation can then be given.

Detect and trace COVID-19 outbreaks

The ThailandPlus app is similar to the Mor Chana app, an application used in Thailand for detecting and tracing possible COVID-19 outbreaks. It will link to Ministry of Foreign Affairs information for the entry certificate of the arriving foreign tourists for screening and tracing.

It is similar to a GPS system because officials know the whereabouts of the tourists during their stay in Thailand. If any of them are found to have contracted COVID-19, immediate action can be taken to prevent transmission of the disease.

The Thai government says that the app does not invade the privacy of foreign visitors, but is only intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Source: thailand.prd.go.th
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