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Transavia encourages offline travel this summer with the 'offline box'

PRESS RELEASE – June 22, 2021: OUT together without a telephone for a 'real' connection on holiday. Can we still do that? Really being together, without the distraction of the phone or other media? This summer, Transavia is challenging its passengers to be offline as much as possible at their holiday destination and to consciously use the telephone less. So that you can really spend time together after this period in which we have already spent so much time on screens.

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Special telephone 'offline boxes'

The airline emphasizes the importance of being together. Because traveling is beautiful, but even more beautiful if you really do it together with genuine attention for each other. And to help travelers with this, Transavia will be handing out a number of special telephone boxes on all flights from 21 June, with which travelers at their destination really go out for a while.

From June 21 Transavia deploys considerably more flights† Until now, approximately 45% of the total capacity compared to 2019 has been deployed, this will be 55% from the end of June. This increases to a total capacity of 85% in the summer period, compared to 2019. For a week, a number of special boxes will be distributed on all these flights in the week of June 21 for holidays. This is where the phones can be stored to remove the temptation of so much phone use during the holidays. 

During this period, additional airline staff will also be present at the airports of Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Schiphol to draw attention to switching off or putting away telephones on holiday. 

Really going offline together

Charles Verstegen, commercial director at Transavia:

“We've spent a lot of time together on screens lately. With a view to the ultimate holiday feeling, we thought it was high time to challenge our passengers to really go OUT together. We see a need for a relaxing holiday with fewer external stimuli. We are happy to help our passengers with this awareness and the value of really being together. Something that fits well with what we stand for; bringing people together. This makes a holiday completely relaxed without too many external stimuli.”

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