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More travel advice relaxation from June 24: These are the 7 countries!

TRAVEL NEWS June 23, 2021: From Thursday 24 June, more countries and areas will receive yellow travel advice. This means that holiday trips to these destinations are no longer advised by the national government. But be aware, there may still be travel restrictions or other measures that affect your trip. †source).

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Announced relaxations (from ORANGE to YELLOW)

Changing the travel advice as of June 24 concerns 7 countries and areas. Within the European Union this concerns the following countries and territories: Belgium (except the Brussels-Capital Region), Estonia, France, Greece (except Athens), the Sjeverna Hrvatska region in Croatia (including Zagreb), Lithuania en Slovenia.

Travel advice blogs to read

Are you planning to go on holiday soon and are you not sure what to check and/or arrange? For 6 popular holiday countries within Europe we have written detailed blogs with the most up-to-date travel advice + things you need to arrange in advance. Click on one of the links below to go to the travel advice of the relevant country.

But there is also less good news…

Due to the worrying delta variant, the travel advice for the Portuguese capital Lisbon on Thursday 24 June orange: only necessary trips. From then on, travelers from Lisbon will have to show a negative test when they travel back to the Netherlands and they will be quarantined upon arrival in the Netherlands. The rest of Portugal and the Azores and Madeira remain yellow.
The travel advice for mainland Spain remains orange. Although the corona figures in the holiday country are slowly improving, they are unfortunately not good enough yet. Not only the number of infections is important, but also the percentage of the tests that are positive and the number of travelers who take corona from Spain to the Netherlands.

Yellow countries outside the EU

The Netherlands bases its travel advice outside the EU on the list of covid-safe countries and areas of the European Union. Based on this, the travel advice will change as of June 24 for Albania, Lebanon, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Taiwan and the USA† Travel restrictions and other measures may also apply here. For example, the travel advice for the United States goes to yellow, but the country does not allow holiday travel.

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