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Travel advice France on yellow | No more tests and quarantine obligation

TRAVEL NEWS June 23, 2021: Voila! The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: after Corsica already jumped yellow on June 4, it will apply from June 24, 2021. for whole France a yellow travel advice† This means that you do not have to show a negative test or go into (home) quarantine before returning to the Netherlands.

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The Netherlands is a green zone for France

France heeft The Netherlands been labeled a for a while green zone† Travelers from a green zone who have been vaccinated no longer need a negative PCR test if they carry a vaccination certificate. When, according to France, are you fully vaccinated?

  • 2 weeks after the second injection of a two-shot vaccination;
  • 4 weeks after a one-shot vaccination;
  • 2 weeks after a vaccination if you have already been infected with the coronavirus (one dose is sufficient).

Yellow vaccination booklet is recognized by France

On June 8, the French State Secretary for Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne indicated that France will yellow vaccination booklet recognized as a vaccination certificate. The COVID vaccination card from the RIVM/GGD will also be accepted by France pending the European digital health card.

Travelers aged 11 years and older from a green zone who have not been vaccinated need a negative PCR test or an antigen test less than 72 hours old to travel to France (note: your first and last name must be included on this written result; the result of a rapid test from the drugstore and from a test from the GGD does not therefore count as negative test evidence).

More good news:

  • Since June 17, wearing a mouth cap in the outdoor space no longer required in France, with the exception of busy places where there is longer contact between people, such as gatherings, queues, markets, sports stands, festivals, busy shopping streets, etc. The face mask must still be worn in indoor spacessuch as shops, public transport and businesses.
  • Since June 20, there is no curfew more in France.
  • Netherlands provided free PCR testing to people who have not yet been fully vaccinated but do want to travel in the months of July and August 2021. Read more about this on the website from the national government.

The travel advice for France will go yellow tomorrow. France is all set to welcome the Dutch again. What are you waiting for?

For up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation in France, please visit: https://nl.france.fr/nl/

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