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UNIQUE: For 9 euros by train throughout Germany

TRAVEL NEWS – May 20, 2022: The government of Germany makes public transport (almost) free throughout the summer. For just 9 euros you can travel all over the country on most trains, buses, metros and trams. The Dutch, Belgians and other tourists can also use this. This not only means that you can travel very cheaply through Germany, also surrounding countries in Europe come within reach for next to nothing. The promotion is valid in the months of June, July and August.

Compensation from the German government

Offsetting fuel prices

The promotion is set up in return for the ever-rising fuel prices. It is part of a package of measures to compensate Germans for the high fuel prices. The idea is that by making public transport virtually free, people can leave their car behind in many cases.

ICEs are unfortunately excluded

The high-speed lines (ICE) are unfortunately excluded. You can still buy tickets for that, but for the regular price. However, that doesn't make the trip any less fun. The rail network in Germany is so good that you can still get everywhere in a reasonable amount of time. In addition, you will of course see a lot of the country on the way and you will arrive well rested!

ICE train in Germany
ICE train in Germany

Cheap to Berlin? That's how long it takes you

A journey from Utrecht to the German capital with only local trains takes about 11 hours on paper. With ICE or intercity it is around 6 hours. The fastest connection from Utrecht to Cologne is more than 9 hours with the 3-euro ticket, 'just' an hour longer than if you take the faster ICE. You can travel to Hamburg this way in 7,5 hours, normally it is about 5 hours. An additional hurdle is that you have to switch more often. †source).

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Starting points in Germany

First of all you will first enter Germany preferably by train, of course. Provided you live close to the border, you can choose to get off at the first station in Germany and continue from there for 9 euros.

With NS International

For those who live a little further from the border, the NS International tickets, especially on weekends, a real godsend. For 19,90 each way you can get to Germany from anywhere in the Netherlands by train.

Tip:: make sure you end up in a big city in Germany. From a large city you have all other large cities within easy reach for 9 euros, without having to take too many village local trains to get to a large station first.

München Haubtbahnhof - In other words, the main train station of Munich
München Hauptbahnhof – In other words, the main train station of Munich


  • Groningen – Oldenburg and Bremen +- 2,5 hours, from € 19,90 – tickets.
  • Leeuwarden – Oldenburg and Bremen +- 3 hours, from € 19,90 – tickets.
  • Zwolle – Osnabruck via Enschede – +- 2,5 hours, from € 19,90 – tickets.


  • Arnhem/Nijmegen – Duisburg † +-1 hour – € 19,90 – tickets.
  • Arnhem/Nijmegen – Düsseldorf † +-1,5 hour – € 19,90 – tickets.
  • Arnhem/Nijmegen – Dortmund † +-1,5 hour – € 19,90 – tickets.
  • Enschede – Osnabrück † +-1,5 hour – € 19,90 – tickets.
  • 's-Hertogenbosch – Duisburg † +-1,5 hour – € 19,90 – tickets.
  • RANDSTAD – Don't worry, the NS International tickets are also € 19,90 for you (tickets here† However, you will have to travel via one of the cities above.


  • Breda/Tilburg/Eindhoven – Duisburg † +- 1,5 to 2,5 hours – € 19,90 – tickets.
  • Maastricht – Cologne † +-1,5 hour – € 19,90 – tickets.
  • Venlo – Duisburg † +-1 hour – € 19,90 – tickets.
  • Roermond – Düsseldorf † +-1 hour – € 19,90 – tickets.

With Flixbus

Don't feel like traveling by train in the Netherlands? FlixBus also has many good connections to Germany from a number of major cities in the Netherlands. Look at here what is possible from your city.

The 5 most beautiful train journeys through Germany

The railway network in Germany has expanded enormously, the country has no fewer than 5.500 stations. That makes Germany an ideal holiday destination to explore by train. Whether you want to get to A from B quickly with one of the fast ICE trains or just want to let the beautiful landscapes pass you by. We have listed the 3 most beautiful train journeys with our eastern neighbors for you. These are the most beautiful train routes through Germany!

1. The Black Forest Railway

The name says it all: The Schwarzwaldbahn is located in the Black Forest, one of the largest nature reserves in Germany. This train route through Germany is about 150 kilometers long and takes you through the dark pine forests, past old castles and rocks, where a climb of 650 meters is made. The route starts in Karlsruhe before descending to the shores of Lake Constance. You can of course complete the route in one go, but getting off in Triberg on the way is worth it. Take a walk to the Tribergers Wasserfalle. Or get off at Donaueschingen, where the Danube rises.

Zug im Schwarzwald | Train trip Germany | Photo by Christ0pheri from Flickr
Zug im Schwarzwald | Train trip Germany | Photo by Christopheric via Flickr

2. Left Rheinstrecke

The Linke Rheinstrecke is close to home, so ideal for a weekend away. This 185-kilometer train route runs from Cologne to Mainz and follows the banks of the Rhine, providing scenic views. From the train you have a continuous view of the river and the rolling hills and vineyards that lie behind it. At Koblenz, the views become even more special when you see the convergence of the Rhine and Moselle. You can also take this train ride in one go, but there are nice stops along the way. For example, get off at Sankt Goarshausen to view the 132-meter high Lorelei rock. Or get out in one of the other towns and taste the delicious Moselle wines.

St. Goarshausen | Train trip through Germany
St. Goarshausen | Train trip through Germany

3. Rasender Roland

A ride on a steam train always gives a wonderfully nostalgic feeling. The train sighs and puffs, while you see the most beautiful landscapes at a leisurely pace. This is also the case with the Rasender Roland† This train is moving the island of Rügen, on the Baltic Sea. The route starts in the rose town of Putbus and takes you past the stately seaside resorts of Binz and Sellin through the woods to the imposing pink Hunting Lodge Granitz, to the easternmost tip of the island: the seaside resort of Göhren. The route takes about an hour and a quarter from start to finish, but all of the stops mentioned above are well worth a stop.

Rasender Roland | Train trip through Germany
Rasender Roland | Train trip through Germany

4. The Brockenbahn and Harzquerbahn

There are also beautiful train routes in the Harz region that you can travel by steam train. The Harz is a wooded region in central Germany, between Hanover and Leipzig. The Brockenbahn and Harzquerbahn together form a network of 140 kilometers, the largest current train network in Europe. With the Brockenbahn you climb to the mountain Brocken, the highest point of the region, at 1142 meters. Along the way you will pass beautiful wooded areas. A stop in, for example, Wernigerode is worthwhile, a cozy town with many old half-timbered houses.

Current train at Harz, Brockenbahn and Harzquerbahn
Current train at Harz, Brockenbahn and Harzquerbahn

5. Bavarian Zugspitzbahn

The area around Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a picture in itself. You may know this place from the ski jumping competitions that are organized every year. From Garmisch-Partenkirchen you can take the train up the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany at 2.962 meters. A cogwheel train leaves every hour from Garmisch-Partenkirchen station, which takes you up the mountain over the north flank. Optionally, you can transfer in Eibsee to the cable car that goes directly to the top, but that is also possible on the Zugspitzplatt, a plateau below the top.

Cable car to Zugspitzplatt at the Eibsee | Bavarian Zugspitzbahn
Cable car to Zugspitzplatt at the Eibsee | Bavarian Zugspitzbahn

Other European countries within reach

And what about the other countries bordering Germany? If it only costs 9 euros to cross all of Germany, countries like Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Switzerland en Denmark also within reach.

This is a unique opportunity to take a cheap train trip through Europe this summer. These are opportunities you don't get often!

Chris – Wereldreizigers.nl


The ultimate train travel destination is of course Switzerland† The highest train station in the world, the Summit of Europe, can be found here for example. That destination alone makes the train journey special!

train station-Kleine-Schheidegg-switzerland
Kleine Scheidegg Train Station with the Top of Europe in the Distance

I visited this place in 2021 and to see a fully fledged train station at this dizzying height is amazing.

Switzerland is really a fan-tas-tic country to travel by train. The train system in Switzerland is excellent and winding through the mountains you will visit countless authentic villages and enjoy bucket list worthy views.

Viewpoint in Switzerland
Viewpoint in Switzerland

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If you've ever dreamed about traveling to Switzerland, now might be the best moment. Now you can travel very cheaply via Germany to Switzerland.

For traveling by train in Switzerland, it is best here buy a rail pass. Train travel in Switzerland is not cheap by Dutch standards, but…

…you will see that the excellent and unique train network in this country is worth every euro.

Eastern Europe

This part of Europe is now suddenly within reach. Countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland have a good train network and best of all: train tickets (and beer) are dirt cheap!

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

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Who are you going on a train trip with?

The train tickets of 9 euros will go on sale on June 1, in 11 days' time. Who are you going on a train trip with? Share this page with family and friends and start dreaming!

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