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Do you want a car rental for a great one roadtrip† Whether you're leaving from home or want to make a Fly & Drive somewhere in a tropical country, a car rental you can now anywhere in the world.

Note: There are countless providers for car rental available but each focuses on a different niche or continent and there can be big differences in terms and conditions and insurance. Therefore, compare well and don't just book the cheapest you see.

Sunny Cars | All-inclusive car rental on holiday

Sunnycars is based in the Netherlands and is by far our favorite choice for car hire when traveling.

At Sunnycars you can rent a car carefree without having to worry about conditions and insurance.

Sunnycars only offers all inclusive car rental. This means that all prices you see include all other costs, coverage and insurance.

  • All inclusive car rental
  • Dutch company
  • Worldwide offer
  • Rent a car without worries
  • Not always the cheapest
Rentcars.com | Compare and book car rental

Rentcars.com is a major player in the car rental world. The website compares 180 car rental providers around the world to provide you with the best deals. With an impressive score of 4,7 stars on trustpilot out of 70.000 reviews, it can be said that they have their affairs in order.

  • Compare 180 car rental companies
  • Huge range
  • Competitive prices
  • Pay close attention to the small letters
  • Excluding insurance
Alamo.nl | Car rental in USA & Canada

Alamo is a well-known player in the USA and Canada† They are also active in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.

Alamo is known for its cool fleet. Not only can you rent a compact car or sedan, they also focus on cars that can give your holiday that little bit extra.

Think of a convertible, a real V8 muscle car or other, cool sports cars.

  • Well-known provider in USA and Canada
  • Low prices
  • cool cars
  • Limited number of countries
  • Excluding insurance
SnappCar | Renting and sharing a car (Carsharing)

SnappCar makes it possible to rent a car from individuals and companies, but you can also share a car with someone via Carsharing! Create a ride and invite other travelers or find rides and hop on someone else for a cheap price.

  • Rent, share or board a car
  • Carpooling is good for the environment
  • Unique concept
  • Offer is limited



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