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Camping? You must take these 5 must-haves with you!

There is nothing like camping in nature, it brings a wonderful feeling of freedom and tranquility. But before you go on holiday, you must of course first packed become. Whether you're camping for the first time or you're already a seasoned camper, these 5 must-haves may come in handy. 

1. A good camping tent

One of the first (and funniest!) questions to ask yourself when you go camping is: where am I going? Will it be the mountains of Norway or that sunny campsite in the south of France.

Either way, chances are you choose to sleep in a tent. This is simply the cheapest and easiest option. Personally, I am a big proponent of tents, they are nice and compact and quick to set up. You will certainly not see me driving through the city with a caravan or motorhome.

Our car and tent
Our car and tent

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When choosing a tent, you have to take into account the following four properties: weight, space, ease of use and storm resistance. Do you not have a good camping tent yet, but would you like to purchase one? Then take a look at the following tent offers.

Don't forget to bring your sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress/mat and pump. Oh, and always check in advance whether all parts of the tent are present. This includes the groundsheet, tent poles, storm lines, the tent itself and the pegs. It is also useful to bring your own hammer so that you can easily hammer the pegs into the ground.

2. packing cubes

Everyone probably recognizes it: your suitcase or backpack is neatly packed at home when you leave, but before you know it, 1 day later it is a big mess again and you have lost the overview. Oops, that just happens when camping. Fortunately, there are packing cubes, the remedy for anyone who likes to keep their luggage organized.

packing camping
packing cubes

Packing cubes are rectangular bags that you can zip open, they are available in different shapes and sizes. I myself have white/transparent packing cubes so that I can see the contents of the bags well. It is useful to divide your clothes into categories under the packing cubes. I have a packing cube for my socks and underwear, one for my T-shirts, one for my pants and so on. An indispensable accessory for camping

3. stew braai

You are only really camping when you are enjoying cooking at the campsite. And what is the best way to do that? With a roast beef! A skottel-what? Right, let's first explain what exactly this is. A skottelbraai is a large dish, with an average diameter of 48 cm, which is ideal for grilling, woking or baking all kinds of one-pan dishes. Especially when you are with several people, it is very nice to be able to cook on such a large surface.

The saucer stands on a tripod, which is why it is nicknamed 'wok on a stick' and is connected to a gas bottle. A skottelbraai is easy to unscrew, making it ideal to take with you and store. Basically it's just a faster, easier and healthier alternative to the barbecue. Unfortunately, this must-have for camping is not always cheap, but luckily there are currently several skottelbraai offers.

4. Power Port Solar

The number of electronic devices that come with you while camping is increasing. In addition to the phone, tablet or laptop, the camera, GoPro or drone is often also included. And of course they all have to be charged. When you sleep in a tent, this can sometimes cause some problems, because you don't always have access to power. And to always sit by the camping building until your device is charged is not really pleasant either.

camping gadget
Power Port Solar

A PowerPort Solar offers the solution for this. This is simply a lightweight solar panel where you can charge your electronic devices. The great thing is that you can use it anytime, anywhere. For example, hang the solar panel on your backpack with a carabiner while hiking, so that you can easily charge your phone or camera. So you never have to worry about an empty battery again when you want to shoot that beautiful picture. 

5. camping chair

And finally the last camping must-have: a nice camping chair. Because nobody wants to sit on a rug on the floor all day. Camping chairs are extremely light and can be compactly folded into a small package. When you arrive at the campsite, it's just a matter of taking the chair out of the cover and unfolding it. In addition, they are made of sturdy fabric and they are also comfortable.  

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