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Driving holiday tips 2021 | Five beautiful destinations within reach

Because The Netherlands will probably have to face an extension of the lockdown again, many people see their (flight) holiday plans for 2021 slowly going up in smoke. Rebooked flight tickets are canceled again. Also on the other side of the world, such as in South Africa en Thailand, stricter measures have also been announced. So there is still a lot of uncertainty about traveling next summer, which is the main reason that the Dutch are looking a little closer to home. To be completely flexible, people look just like in the summer of 2020, increasingly towards car holidays or holidays with a caravan or motorhome. In this article we share 5 beautiful destinations in Europe that are worth considering if you want to go on holiday by car this year.

Do the car check before you leave

Many people take the car to the garage before a holiday for an extra check. That is sensible, but also costs a lot of money. You can also make your own pre-holiday check to do. The most important things to check are the fluids and your tire pressure. Is the oil level still OK? Is there still enough coolant in it? If something needs to be refilled, that could indicate a problem. In that case, it is advisable to still visit the garage.

In addition, it is wise to take out roadside assistance insurance with the ANWB. This is possible with Europe coverage, so that you can be helped anywhere in Europe should something go wrong. Finally, we recommend that you ensure a good car insurance† Anyone who already knows how to go on holiday by car in 2021 can already compare car insurance policies and, for example, opt for additional conditions such as glass insurance or all-risk.

The chance of damage is usually greater abroad, so take a critical look at your car insurance and the associated conditions and consider comparing and/or switching. Is your car ready-to-go? Then it is now only a matter of choosing a beautiful destination! Below we have 5 beautiful places to inspire you car holiday collected.

Five beautiful car holiday destinations

1. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Despite the somewhat misleading name, it is Saxon National Park Switzerland actually completely in Germany near the city of Dresden. Bizarre rock formations and spectacular views are just some of the beautiful features of this national park in Europe that is ideal for climbing and hiking. Even without climbing experience you can visit many of the sights. The spectacular Bastei Bridge and the lofty Königstein Fortress that rises 245 meters above the River Elbe, just to name two. The region is about 750 kilometers from Utrecht and is therefore easily accessible by car. With a few short breaks it is about 8 to 9 hours drive.

Bastei Bridge – Saxon Switzerland National Park

2. London

London is the capital and largest city of both England as the United Kingdom. The Greater London region, whose boundary is often equated with that of the city of London, is home to almost 8,7 million people. What people often forget is that London is very easily accessible by car.

London is one of the most visited cities on the planet and you will soon understand why. The bustling English capital has it all. From ancient heritage and high culture to world-class food, drink, nightlife and shopping. London cannot be left out of the list of the most beautiful cities to visit in Europe for so many reasons, go discover it!

You can choose to travel by car on a ferry to the other side of the canal via Hoek-van-Holland, or via the Calais-Dover tunnel. Both options will get you to the heart of London within 7 to 8 hours by car.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Central European Republic of the Czech Republic. Its official name is hlavní město Praha, which means capital Prague. The Municipality of Prague forms its own district, an okres, and region, a krai.

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The 'Golden City' is quite rightly known as one of the most beautiful cities of Europe† The cathedrals, the old town, the nice bars and delicious restaurants put Prague effortlessly on the map as a world city. Prague can be reached from Utrecht within about 9 hours with a few short stops. Perfect for a car holiday, so!

4. Picos de Europa National Park

The Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe) is home to one of the world's most picture-perfect landscapes. In the north of Spain is the national park named after the three different mountain ranges: the central, western and eastern mountain ranges. These are all intersected by river-filled gorges. In seafaring, their size was the first indication of land for men at sea. The park is home to easy-to-navigate and well-marked trails, which have proven to be the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of this area.

Many viewpoints of the sea can be seen from the park, as the sea is only 20 kilometers away. Otherwise, grasslands, leafy forests of beech and oak trees, jagged rocks, waterways, high peaks and deep canyons characterize the park. Nothing is off limits at the Summit of Europe. It is truly extraordinary.

At about 1600 kilometers from the heart of Utrecht, it is a lot further than, for example, London or Prague. For those who really want a unique car holiday and don't mind driving a little further, this is a great option to consider.

5.Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is one of the ten quarters and a former municipality of the city-state of Monaco, known for its casinos, beaches and the famous people who live here. The district was built in the mid-19th century by Prince Charles III to fill his treasury.

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Chic decors of richly decorated palaces, luxurious casinos and very expensive yachts form the picture during a holiday in Monte Carlo. This district of the state of Monaco is best known for its events such as Formula 1 and the International Circus Festival. But the Monte Carlo Casino is also worth a visit during the tour. This 'gambling palace' was built in neo-baroque style and is definitely worth a visit thanks to the abundance of gold.

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A nice side effect of a car holiday to Monaco is that you drive right through mountainous France where you can feast your eyes. Stop along the way for a break or overnight at one of the beautiful lakes, such as Lac de Serre-Poncon† This scenic, calming lake is a must-see during your Monaco driving holiday.

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