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5 x fun things to do in the Netherlands this summer

World travelers also like to go out once in a while in their own country. The Netherlands has a lot of beautiful and fun places to discover! And what makes it extra fun is that you can have a nice city ​​trip You can combine this with a special overnight stay in your own country, while during the day you go for a lovely walk in one of the nature reserves that our country has. Looking for inspiration for this one? summer† Then you've come to the right place!

1. Visit the Wadden Islands

Go on a mini-vacation on the Wadden Islands. Here you can completely relax and enjoy beautiful nature. Get on the boat, let go of your busy schedule and enjoy a well-deserved mini vacation. Delicious isn't it? As far as I'm concerned, the Wadden Islands are one of the most special places in The Netherlands for a holiday in your own country.


There are many fun things to do during a weekend trip to the Wadden Islands. Do you like peace and nature? Then you are completely at the right place here. Beaches and dunes alternate with meadows, forests and picturesque villages. In addition, the Wadden Islands are ideal for cycling and walking. Stroll over the dunes, take a lovely walk on the beach or get on your bike and then have a nice cold drink in one of the attractive villages.

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2. Spend the night in a tree house

Who would not want that? Waking up between the leaves of the trees to the chirping of the birds? This is the perfect way to really surprise your loved one. Go on a romantic trip and spend the night in a nice tree house. You can think of it so crazy, everything is possible in every price range. From a simple tree house with a bed to huge tree houses with every luxury you can imagine, including a view of the water and even Jacuzzis on the balcony. Would you like to know what a special overnight stay in a tree house costs? Then take a look at the website of vipio.

3. Go for a lovely walk in South Limburg

Nowadays, many people are looking for beautiful hiking trails in their own country, because they sit still so much at home and at work. In South Limburg you can experience the real holiday feeling, because the region is very hilly and because the architectural style of the many villages and castles feels more Belgian or German than Dutch.

Walking in South Limburg for the real holiday feeling
Walking in South Limburg for the real holiday feeling

There are countless nice walking routes in South Limburg. Whether you want to enjoy an hour or two in the fresh air, or are an advanced walker who can fill a whole day with walking.

Walking in South Limburg for the real holiday feeling
Walking in South Limburg for the real holiday feeling

4. Visit the Kinderdijk windmills

Did you know that the village of Kinderdijk in the province of South Holland belongs to the Unesco World Heritage List? In Kinderdijk you will find 19 windmills, 2 of which are open to the public. The mills were built from the end of the 15th century, but the mills that can be seen today in Kinderdijk, almost all date from 1738 and 1740.

Kinderdijk windmills
Windmill at Kinderdijk

Not only the mills that make it worth a visit, the area is also beautiful! You can easily park your car at the entrance of Kinderdijk and then you can walk along the water, surrounded by windmills. If you have time, you can easily walk for 2 hours in this area.

5. Go for a day trip to Volendam and Marken

Fancy a fun day out in your own country, but you just don't know where to go? Then visit the lovely villages of Volendam and Marken. These two cute and authentic fishing villages, located just above Amsterdam, are the ideal place to stroll around for a day.

In addition, both villages have a rich history with many traditional and typical Dutch features. Eat delicious fish in the harbor of Volendam and view the wooden houses in Marken. If you're in the area, don't miss the villages of Monnickendam and Broek in Waterland! While one village is known for its large monuments, the other village is mainly known for all pastel colors houses.

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