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How about travel tips? Of course, you like to travel, foreign countries and unknown cultures. You will undoubtedly also regularly be found in inhospitable areas, dense jungles and sky-high mountain ranges. Very nice and super cool! But good preparation is essential! What do you take to countries in Africa† What should you pay attention to when it comes to eating habits in Asian countries† And what to do about that annoying insects that you seem to encounter on every continent? To ensure that you are not (soon) faced with surprises, we give you practical travel tips that are really useful.


The five most beautiful countries to live abroad

Do you dream of emigrating abroad? Or do you want to combine a new job with a long-term stay? Of course there are also beautiful places to live in the Netherlands, but how cool is it to live in a new...


What are the benefits of a beach holiday?

If you still have to book a holiday, it is recommended to opt for a trip to French Polynesia, where you will first land in Tahiti. All international flights to this archipelago go…

What is Airbnb and how does it work?

Airbnb, air b and b, air b and b, rb & b and rb and b. The name alone is already unclear to many… What is Airbnb anyway? If you've never slept in an Airbnb before, we can very well imagine...

tiger mosquito

The world of insects: Know what bit you!

The chance that you will be bitten by an insect on holiday is high and yes, very annoying. To avoid that you no longer know what kind of insect you have now been caught, we have a handy checklist for...

cloud backup

Photo backups while traveling | Online or offline?

Making photo backups while traveling, how do you actually do that? And is it best to choose online backups or offline backups? In many of the Wereldreizgers.nl Facebook groups we regularly see this question...

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