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Traveling? This travel insurance has corona (Covid-19) coverage!

It is a recurring question that we receive almost daily through our socials... Is there travel insurance with corona coverage? Travel insurance that covers corona-related problems such as lockdowns and mandatory quarantine?Until recently, the answer was simply a 'no'. Fortunately, there have recently been a few insurers that offer corona coverage. You can now finally travel carefree knowing that unforeseen corona related problems are covered along the way. For example, Allianz Global has added a number of unique Covid-19 coverages to the Short-term and Continuous Travel and Cancellation insurance. You can read all about it in this article.

Extra corona coverage on your travel insurance

Allianz has travel insurance coverage expanded with, among other things, a quarantine cover when you travel to a destination with green, yellow and even orange travel advice. This applies to both short-term and continuous travel insurance!

You do not have to pay an extra premium for this. The extra cover has been added to the standard conditions. Do you want to take out travel insurance immediately or read the conditions yourself? Then use the buttons below…

About the quarantine coverage

With the quarantine cover you are assured of a reimbursement for extra travel and accommodation costs if you unexpectedly have to stay longer at your destination because you become ill, or if the (local) government imposes an individual quarantine on you due to Covid-19. This also applies if the government of the country specifically imposes this on the accommodation in which you are staying, so that you cannot travel back to The Netherlands† Even if the accommodation has to be quarantined in its entirety, you are covered, with the exception of cruise ships. 

Conditions / coverage travel insurance Covid-19 coverage

Below is a basic overview of the extra corona coverage that you can expect from this travel insurance.

With the Covid-19 coverage you travel with extra protection and you know in advance where you stand. Below is a brief overview of the extra coverage that Allianz offers for free on the travel and cancellation insurance:

For travel insurance, you must:

  • Medical costs are reimbursed if you contract corona at your travel destination. Even if, on the day of departure, the travel advice is orange. And of course only if medical costs are co-insured.
  • Extra travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed when you have to quarantine because you or someone close to you has contracted Covid-19. On the clause sheet 'Additional travel and accommodation costs' it is described for what you are insured and when you are entitled to compensation.*
  • Pay no extra premium for the Covid-19 coverage.

If you also take out cancellation insurance, you get:

  • Cancellation costs reimbursed if you contract corona just before departure.
  • Cancellation costs reimbursed if you have to go into a mandatory individual quarantine because you have been in contact with someone who has corona.
  • A reimbursement for unused vacation days at destination if you have been hospitalized due to Covid-19.

* You will only receive this reimbursement if you travel to a country that has received green or yellow travel advice from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the day of departure.

Take out the travel insurance directly or read the conditions? Then use the buttons below…

Travel carefree with extra corona coverage on your travel insurance
Travel carefree with extra corona coverage on your standard travel insurance

Conclusion of

Finally, you can now travel with peace of mind. Allianz sets a good example! We therefore hope that more insurers will follow soon. Which insurer dares to offer similar extra corona coverage?

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