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Traveling with the motorhome? These are the camping options

Ultimate freedom, being able to choose your own backyard every day and touring around with your house always at hand: we love traveling by camper! Do you also want to travel with the camper? But you have no idea how it works and which option suits you best? In this article we tell you more about the various camper camping options.

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wild camping

We like wild camping the most! If you have ever searched for 'van life' on Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube then you have probably seen a picture of someone looking out over the sea from their bed. But also getting out of bed with your coffee at the foot of a beautiful mountain is one of the options or a cozy flock of sheep that come to welcome you. Nothing is too crazy: being 1 with nature. Our absolute favorite among the different camping options.

Wild camping is not allowed in all countries, especially in Europe the rules differ from country to country. Basically it is banned in most countries and is banned in some countries (such as Greece) is often tolerated. Norway en Sweden are ideal in that regard. Everyone's right applies there, in other words: the right to enjoy the free nature. Incidentally, there are also rules attached to camping. For example, you should always leave nature as you found it and you may not just park on private property. Also in Albania is wild camping allowed, as are the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Scotland. By the way, it is smart to read the rules for each country!

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Curious about the facilities you need for wild camping? Read here everything you need to know for your holiday with motorhome.


In many countries in Europe there are options among the camping options to stand on so-called motorhome pitches. Also in The Netherlands you find these places. You can often park here for a few euros (and sometimes for free!) in special parking spaces. It is therefore possible that you are in a simple parking lot, which sometimes also includes facilities such as water, electricity and discharge points. It may also be that the place is slightly more attractive. In Switzerland For example, we parked on the Sustenpas at the top of the 'Steingletscher'. This felt like wild camping!

There are also so-called 'bivouac zones' in countries such as Belgium, Germany and France where you can legally stand in nature for a short time. Here too it is very important to always leave the place tidy according to the 'leave no trace' principle.


Campsites are the most extensive in terms of facilities, but of course there is also a difference. There are special campsites for motorhomes, where you sometimes stand next to each other in a row. The advantage of campsites is that there are always facilities such as water, electricity and discharge points.

How do you find the ideal camping spot?

On 's app Camper contact there are plenty of campsites and motorhome pitches. Ideal when you are in countries where wild camping is not allowed. Various water points and discharge points are also listed here.

's app Park4Night we really like it ourselves, because in addition to the camping options mentioned above, there are also wildlife spots listed. Many motor home and vanlifers use the app, so there are also quite a few reviews. Also on this app you can find water points, gas refill points, and discharge points. We recommend the paid version for both apps, because that way you can better filter according to your ideal wishes.

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