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Discount code for online shopping | How does it work?

Of course you don't want to pay too much when you go shopping. That's why you keep an eye on the offers and like to shop in the sale. But did you know that by making smart use of discount codes, you can also save a lot on your purchases? In this article, we'll explain exactly how you can use a discount code for online shopping.

What can you do with a discount code?

A discount code is a handy way to get extra to save money on your online order. Most online stores issue discount codes to attract new customers, reward regular customers or boost sales. This discount can be given in various ways. Sometimes online stores give a percentage discount on the purchase amount, free shipping, a discount on an item of your choice or a stack discount.

Discount code tips

Do you want to use a discount code? Then it is important that you place the order online. The discount codes for the webshop are often not valid in the physical store. Therefore, always read the conditions of the discount campaign carefully. Here you will also find, for example, more information about the validity of the discount code and the conditions for taking advantage of the discount.

Search discount code

Are you looking for a discount code for your favorite webshop? Then you can find these in various ways.

Newsletter subscription

Many webshops offer customers an extra benefit when they sign up for the newsletter of the website or the brand. Registration is free and often very simple. You simply enter your email address and you will often receive the discount code directly in your inbox.


Via a website such as Tripplo you will find discount codes for all kinds of brands and webshops in one central place. Whether you're looking for a discount code for your favorite jewelry brand, a discount code for a airline ticket or a discount code for a restaurant: at Tripplo you will find it guaranteed. So always check this website before placing an order online.

Read newsletter

To take full advantage of a newsletter, don't limit yourself to just registering. Such a newsletter is a wealth of benefits. Not only are you the first to know about the new collection and news about your favorite shop, but you often also benefit from extra benefits especially for regular customers. In a newsletter, a discount code is often offered that you can use.

How does a discount code work?

A discount code is often a unique code consisting of letters and/or numbers. You can enter this discount code during the ordering process to take advantage of extra benefits. Every discount code is different and conditions can therefore differ per code. Sometimes there is a limited validity, the code can only be used once or the discount only applies to a certain product group.

You usually enter the discount code in the shopping cart or when paying for the order. You will see the discount code immediately processed in the total amount or in the shipping costs if the code relates to this. It is important to enter the discount code in time. If you forget to do this, you are no longer entitled to a discount.

Step-by-step discount code

  • Step 1: Shop as usual at your favorite webshop and place the desired items in the shopping cart.
  • Step 2: View your shopping cart and check if you have all the desired items.
  • Step 3: Look in the screen where you can enter your discount code. This is indicated by a blank box labeled 'discount code', 'voucher code', 'coupon code' or 'promotion code'.
  • Step 4: Enter your discount code and check whether the discount is included in the price.
  • Step 5: Place the order as you are used to and take advantage of this great advantage.
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