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Living in the moment during your world trip | 6 useful tips

Living in the moment, it has become one of those statements that you see coming and going. But that's not crazy! We experience so many stimuli around us. And our constant urge for new stimuli on our phone certainly does not help. Living in the moment while you world trip can also be difficult at times. As nice as it is, we still want to capture everything and we always want more. We experience that during our trip also sometimes. Therefore, here are our 7 tips to live more in the moment during your world trip.

1. Put your phone on airplane mode 

We may start with the most obvious tip, but also the most efficient. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp… it goes on and on, even during your world trip. By putting your phone on airplane mode, you will in any case not receive these incentives and you can still use your phone to take photos. Do you have a camera with you? Then turn your phone off completely. The perfect way to live in the moment.

2. Don't take photos and videos right away

As soon as you arrive at a new destination, you immediately experience a positive (or negative) feeling. Enjoy this. What's going through your mind? What do you see, what do you smell? Let your senses do their job and try to live in the moment. Only when you've landed in the place in question for a while, do you grab your camera to take photos and videos. It will give you a lot more peace of mind. 

3. Be grateful

Gratitude, also a term that gives many people the creeps. But we still think it's something beautiful and certainly important during your world trip. How special is it all that you experience? That you can do this at all? Reflecting on what you are grateful for certainly helps to live more in the moment during your world trip.

Our tip: every night write down 3 things that you have been grateful for that day.

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4. be mindful 

Being mindful, what is it? It means nothing more than 'living in the now'. So live in the moment! You can do this in several ways, but the best way as far as we're concerned is being aware of your breathing. When you're in a place that you absolutely love, think about it. Pay attention to your breathing and really let the place sink in for a moment. This way you can live more in the moment during your world trip. On our blog we give you more tips to become mindful.

5. Exercise or sports

It is also nice to keep moving during your trip around the world. Walking, sports, swimming, traveling is all much more fun! Because who doesn't love a nice hike in the mountains? Sports in a park in a cool city? Or swim in a clear blue sea? Exercise and sports also ensure that you live more in the moment. That way, you are actively engaged in enjoying the environment, without just thinking.

6. Eat!

Food is also the perfect way to live more in the moment during your world trip. How else can you get to know a country better than through the food? Be surprised, sharpen your senses and enjoy everything the country has to offer. 

Good luck and enjoy living in the moment!

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