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Traveling soon? 5 tips for traveling with contact lenses

Are you looking forward to the May holiday to go to the sun for a week or are you already planning your summer holiday? There is a good chance that you are arranging accommodation and transport so that you can go on holiday carefree.

In addition to accommodation and tickets, however, it is just as important to prepare yourself for wearing contact lenses during your trip. Although putting the lenses in and out is of course the same as at home, you won't be faced with any unpleasant surprises with these 5 tips for traveling with lenses.

Tip 1: Bring spare lenses and/or glasses

Do you wear weekly or monthly lenses and are you therefore dependent on one pair of lenses when traveling? Then it is strongly recommended to bring an extra pair of contact lenses or to pack a spare pair of glasses. Maybe you lose a lens in the pool or a grain of sand damages your lens. In that case, you obviously don't want to have to make do with the blurry vision you normally have. A waste of all the beauty you can see at your holiday destination, but above all incredibly annoying! In addition, at times it is more pleasant to be able to put on and take off your glasses, for example if you want to exchange your regular glasses for prescription sunglasses.

Tip 2: Buy contact lens solution in a travel package

If you are only going on holiday for a week or want to take a small piece of hand luggage with you, it can be quite inconvenient to carry a large bottle of contact lens solution with you. In addition, it is not allowed to take bottles with a capacity of more than 100 milliliters on the plane. So before you travel, buy contact lens solution in a small package and put it in a transparent, resealable bag. That way you only take what you need with you. Do you think that one 100 milliliter bottle of contact lens solution is not enough for you? Then you can of course simply take a second travel package with you in the resealable bag.

Tip 3: Avoid stinging eyes

Have you arrived at your holiday destination and can't wait to lie down in the sun? Then prevent yourself from burning and apply sunscreen well! Especially for countries where UV radiation is very high, it is important to buy sunscreen with a high SPF value. This value gives an indication of the degree of protection against UV radiation. Please note that you always put in your lenses first and only then rub in. Who doesn't know that the liquid sunscreen ends up in your eye, giving you terrible stinging eyes? So outsmart yourself by putting in your lenses before you start lubricating. Coming home from a day at the beach? Then wash your hands well if you plan to take off your lenses afterwards.

Tip 4: Daily lenses for swimming

A day at the beach or swimming pool cannot be missed during a sun holiday. However, swimming with contact lenses is not recommended, as the lenses can get dirty, damaged or lost. Although you can take spare lenses with you and you can clean your lenses with lens solution at the end of the day, we do not recommend swimming with lenses. Are you stubborn and do you still go swimming with contact lenses? Then choose to daily lenses so you can throw it away at the end of the day. This way you reduce the risk of eye irritation and you won't see your monthly lenses disappear in the trash after just one day.

Tip 5: Wear lenses with a UV filter and sunglasses!

In the sunny south it is important to protect yourself well against UV radiation, but simply applying sunscreen is not enough. Your eyes can also be affected by the sun. This is why many lenses today are equipped with a UV filter. Don't you have such lenses yet? Possible are the biweekly lenses Acuvue Oasys with UV filter than suitable for you. It is good to know that the UV filter does not offer sufficient protection against high UV radiation and does not cover your entire eye. Prevention is better than cure, so always take sunglasses with you on holiday to optimally protect your eyes against UV radiation!

Carefree travel with contact lenses

The above 5 tips ensure that you can travel carefree with contact lenses. Finally, we want to remind you not to forget your lens case! This way you can keep your lenses in a safe place when you go to sleep at night or go swimming in the afternoon. If you have night lenses, you can of course store your lenses in the lens case during the day. Have you followed our tips? Then you are ready for take off!

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