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Take with you on a trip | Too much stuff? What is and what isn't?

Hit's here. You've taken the step and are finally going on your first big backpacking trip or world trip to make. But once you've bought a backpack, it probably immediately pops into your head: how am I going to transport all my stuff in it? What will you take with you on a trip? You have so much to take with you after making endless lists. Cram, throw, roll up? While rolling up is the best way for clothes to wrinkle as little as possible, you often find out later that you really shouldn't have taken so much with you. Hopefully we will relieve you of a lot of stress in advance with the list below!

1. Body care

We have to admit: this theme applies especially to the female gender. Men are often happy with shampoo and sometimes leave shaving completely. Makeup is something you think you will actually wear. Why not? You probably go to enough beach parties in the evening and want to appear alive in a photo anyway. In reality, you find that you a) don't want to put in the effort every morning and b) it's often too hot anyway, so that any make-up doesn't look so charming after a day of sweating. Body lotions are especially worth considering, as the sweet scents often make you a target for insects† What you should not forget and take with you when traveling is (Dry) shampoo, deodorant and sunscreen. Of course you don't want to travel the world like a stinking lobster.

2. Clothes

Very good if you try to think out every possible situation in terms of weather conditions in advance. What you take with you on a trip depends on the climate where you are going and which activities you want to do. Sometimes during your trip you suddenly decide to leave for the north with newly made friends, and you suddenly need a winter coat. But in reality, you don't know whether those situations will actually arise.

You will also notice that everything is for sale everywhere. You really don't have to take everything with you on a trip. You will probably end up with a bag full of nice clothes after a few days, while your backpack was actually pretty full when you left. In your pile of clothes it is a kind of battle, in which certain sets will always win. These are your favorites, although color quickly disappears and a brown glow often appears over your body covering despite washing. Of course, this doesn't mean you should save on something like underwear.

Clothes while traveling
Clothes while traveling

3. Medicines

Plasters, aspirin, stomach tablets, malaria pills, vitamin C effervescent tablets: since you trust your own pharmacy the most, you often leave with a kilo of 'what if' medicines. Ultimately, everything is for sale locally, and you often go to a pharmacy or doctor with minor to serious complaints. What is always handy to have in your first aid bag: disinfection cream. Small cuts or bites that you can't keep away from can develop into unsightly infections. Don't take it lightly, as you are not a doctor with knowledge of all plants and critters. Not sure whether you can take a certain medicine or pill with you on a trip? Then you would do well to check it first at Customs via their brand new App.

Taking medicines with you on a trip?
Taking medicines with you on a trip?

4. Books

Some swear by their gnawed, rain-soaked and note-filled Lonely Planet. Others obediently buy the travel bible before departure, but admit to not having looked into it for a moment. Rode? You always meet others who can give you the best tips when you look at sleeping places or Jan on the corner further away with his delicious rice table. In addition, many hostels also have an exchange scheme with books. Pass your novel read on to the next traveler and pick up a book that you think will get you through an 11-hour bus journey.

Nevertheless, there is sometimes nothing better than enjoying a sunset in your hammock with a good book. Would you prefer to have your entire bookcase at hand? Then an eReader is the perfect solution. Light, small and as complete as you want it to be. A lot more convenient than taking all those heavy books with you on a trip.

Taking books with you on a trip?
Taking books with you on a trip?

5. Promises

You should take this one with a pinch of salt. “I'm not going to spend too much money. I will Skype at home at least once a month. I don't want to drink too much. I really want to enjoy the local food (although it may be too hot sometimes). I'm not one of those people who's going to buy elephant harem pants. I leave Facebook nice for what it is, it really isn't addictive† Do not promise yourself anything, except that you will get the most out of your trip. The only thing you want to take with you on a trip is a good mood and an open mind. Whether with or without a smartphone, with or without 100 selfies: it's about enjoying yourself!

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  • Nice article and absolutely true! What is also useful: Wear swimwear instead of underwear, easy to wash or you have to anyway, because you regularly end up in the salt water. When you take a shower, you might as well rinse off your swimwear right away!

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