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Je bucketlist to make and actually tick off. Motivate yourself to really get on world trip to go. It is and remains difficult… After all, everyone believes that his or her situation is special. That they have no influence on certain events in their lives and that they cannot travel for reasons X, Y or Z. A positive mindset is not as obvious as it seems. Motivating yourself is difficult and requires a lot of effort. On this page you can read inspiring stories, but you also watch the most beautiful travel videos of all the beautiful places in the world. Hopefully it gives you just that little bit of inspiration you need!

DIGITAL NOMADS | The value of time

5 years ago I came to the conclusion that just driving to and from my rat race work life took up 430 hours of my free time each year. Four hundred and thirty hours. That's 11 full-time work weeks I...

DIGITAL NOMAD | How I realized my passive income

It is a question I regularly get: what do you actually do for work? Friends and acquaintances only see me sharing beautiful pictures on Facebook of the great trips I make. They don't understand how I...

The (too) crazy adventures of Milene & Yuri

From the Siberian tundra to the jungles of Papua New Guinea and from cycling through Zambian villages to sailing the raging waves to the most remote inhabited island on earth. In the footsteps of William...

buy or convert a campervan

How to: Buy or convert a campervan

The mania surrounding #vanlife aka campervan life is absolutely everywhere. It graces the covers of glossy lifestyle magazines and fills our social media feeds, especially Instagram. It's not just a trend that...

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