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Staying calm and positive during your World Trip | 6 Tips

These tips may be more philosophical than practical, but equally important when the sights, smells and chaos of a new place briefly overwhelm you. You are really not the first and certainly not the last to be there during a long journey or world trip completely through. Traveling asks a lot of you and it is really not just relaxation. To stay calm and positive during your world trip, we have collected these 6 tips for you.

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1. Give yourself time

Before you pass judgment on a new place… You usually arrive tired from the trip and you are less open-minded than usual. Give yourself a chance to get used to it before you decide to leave. Initially I didn't enjoy my time in Bangkok but after I left the main tourist areas and in the middle of the streetfood heaven, I found myself fascinated by the city after all. Sometimes the places that make the worst first impressions become your favorites.

Staying positive during your world trip - Bangkok
Staying positive during your world trip – Bangkok

2. Learn the local language (a little)

Learning a few words from the locals makes all the difference. This is useful not only for getting what you need, but also for breaking the ice in a new place. I'd also make sure the translation of "no problem" is on the list - it's a surefire way to get a smile!

3. Don't worry about the little things

Cliche, but true. The sooner you start weighing down your days with disappointment or anger about things you can't change, the sooner you'll want to leave. A long journey or world trip never goes quite as planned, but that is just part of the adventure. Now is the time to resign and take it as it is.

Staying positive during your world trip
Staying positive during your world trip

Staying positive during your world trip starts with the little things. With this mindset it really works in the end. Save the stress and anger for the things that really matter. Paying too much once, being scammed for a few bucks or a taxi driver who doesn't show up is really not the end of the world,

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4. Build a vacation into your vacation

The first thing people ask you after a long trip: how was your vacation? The first thing on your mind is taking a few weeks off to process all the experiences! Traveling in developing countries can be exhausting and frustrating, and there are times when you really need to give yourself a break. Whether that means spending a week at the beach, finding a festival you love or getting a massage to relax.

Just do nothing during your world trip
Just do nothing during your world trip

Treat yourself to a nice meal or upgrade your hotel to something else. Figure out what you need to give your brain and body a break, then enjoy it every now and then. Stay in one place a little longer until you get bored and then continue your journey. Just do nothing at all!

5. Taste, smell and experience

Experiencing the world through food is by far my favorite way to stay positive during my world travels. The best way to do that is to visit a busy market in a new place and see all there is to do. From the bustling, colorful markets in Mexico to the teeming markets in Thailand – local markets led you to new food discoveries and a connection with the locals that you otherwise miss. Experience your world tour by tasting street food.

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Visit a local market. Taste, smell and experience
Visit a local market. Taste, smell and experience

6. You are never alone

Are you traveling alone or in pairs? Actually, it doesn't matter at all. Loneliness occurs in both cases. Sometimes you have little to say to each other and it is time for fresh energy. Make new local friends, invite them to eat with you. Have a barbecue together on the beach. Ask if you can meet their parents. Ask about their lives. You'd be surprised how quickly you can make new friends along the way, if you dare.

Make friends during your world trip!
Make friends during your world trip!

In addition, there are countless other world travelers online who can help you stay positive during your world trip. They too need advice and support, they too are looking for friends. Make an appeal for a drink in one of the countless country-specific backpack Facebook travel groups. Companionship is so found these days. Do not be afraid!


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