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Plan a world trip route | How do you do that?

When you've finally made the decision to go on that world trip, you may well enter the most difficult phase. Namely choosing and planning a world travel route. It is of course not really difficult, but because there is so much choice, and every country has something beautiful to offer, you can often no longer see the forest for the trees. So it is useful to stick to a few rules of thumb to ensure that you stay on track. This article lists 5 tips that can help you with that. This way you too become a pro – you can plan a world trip route all by yourself!

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1. What should not be missing from your world travel route?

This first step seems very easy, but you can easily lose sight of it. While orienting for a world travel route you come across so many countries that at some point you forget which country is really a 'must' to see. Suddenly they all become 'musts'. So go back to the moment when you were convinced that you wanted to travel the world. What country has you like this inspired† Of course, this can't just be country-related, it could also be your goal to volunteer or take a yoga retreat during your trip. Or maybe you really want Burning Man or it Holi festival in India to experience?

Moral of the story: make a choice for a top 5 of countries (depending on how long you plan to travel) that you really want to see and plan your world trip route based on this.

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World map from the World Travelers Webshop
Which country is your number 1 priority?

2. Check the climate

If you go to a certain country for a holiday or festivity, it is of course logical that you are bound to a certain period. In all other cases you can plan your period and then the real research begins.


You can check the climate of any country online. Climateinfo.nl is a good website for that. When you go backpacking, try not to travel in high season. Reason 1: the prices are rising, so you do pay more for hostels and hotels. Reason 2: it is swarming with tourists and that suddenly makes some beautiful places much less fun. The high season is of course the high season for a reason, because that is of course the best travel period. This often means that the least precipitation falls and that the temperatures are pleasant. That's what you're looking for for your world travel route, right?! That is why I can advise you to go 1 month before the high season or 1 month after the high season. Then you still travel in super conditions, only slightly better!


In addition to your online research, also ask fellow travelers who have already visited the country what their experience is in a specific month. Cause I've figured it out myself Sri Lanka traveled in August and September which is official rainy season, only I didn't see a drop of rain.

Tip:: Also find out if your preferred country is safe for backpackers. Read the blogs Security in Europe en Security in Africa to find out more.

winter sun Philippines
Looks better than if it would rain here, right?

3. Surrounding countries for your world travel route

Have you chosen, for example, Jordan as number 1 country? Then take a look at the surrounding countries. Backpacking through Israel and Palestine may not seem obvious, but it is very doable from Jordan and therefore does not cost you much travel time. Is Thailand your #1? Then look at other countries in the same continent and preferably even neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Laos , Malaysia of Cambodia† When you make a logical world travel route around your favorite country, this not only saves a lot of travel time, but it also makes your trip cheaper and more flexible. In addition, there is a good chance that you will meet fellow travelers who also travel on to neighboring countries and before you know it you will have a travel buddy in no time.

4. Plane, boat or bus? View all options!

Another big advantage of visiting neighboring countries is that you are not tied to traveling by plane, which saves you a lot of money and ensures that you do not have to plan in advance. In all countries I've been to (and there are secretly quite a few), you can book a ticket 1 day in advance, or sometimes even on the same day for a bus, train or boat that takes you to your next destination . This is how you can Bangkok take a bus or train to the capital in Cambodia and travel from Luangprabang into Laos by land to Hanoi in Viet Nam.

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You have to book a plane ticket a bit earlier (provided you want to pay an affordable price) and that makes you a lot less flexible. The lack of flexibility makes the real backpacking experience just a little less fun. Of course you can't avoid flights during your world travel route. But believe me, if the opportunity is there, opt for public transport. It is part of backpacking and in many cases these are experiences that you will not soon forget. And more importantly of course: you reduce your CO2 emissions as a backpacker. So win-win!

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World travel route - public transport
Traveling by public transport is an experience and much cheaper!

5. Be flexible

Very cliché, but try not to plan too much. Planning your world trip route is of course a lot of fun and you will also spend a lot of hours on it. In particular, try to use this time to delve into the history, culture, traditions and customs of a country. In addition, do research beforehand on what you would like to see per country. I sometimes traveled too flexible myself, so that I missed some highlights in a country, because I simply had too little planned. The best way is to just book an outward flight, secure your first accommodation and have a list of what you absolutely do not want to miss. As for the rest: just go with the flow! This will ensure that your world travel route will be unforgettable and it will take you to places you may have never thought about!

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