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Selling used stuff for a trip around the world and preparing your home

Many of us dream of escaping the daily grind and traveling the world. But very few people really have the will and perseverance to make it happen. One of the most common reasons for just "doing nothing" is not having enough money to travel. At least, that's what they think. In reality it is just a mindset that you need to change. Do you really want one travel the world† Then there is always a way. For example, don't forget that by selling your stuff for a trip around the world, you can quickly save a considerable amount. Just sell everything you own! You won't need it for the next 1 or 2 years anyway... It will also help you enormously to create peace of mind because by selling your stuff you will get an overview of your home again. The latter is also useful if you decide to rent out your house during your trip!

Do you really want to get serious and start saving for your world trip? Then read us complete step-by-step plan – save for a world trip.


Get into the right mindset

Selling everything you own can be downright terrifying. And there is also the complete unknown, making a world trip full of uncertainties. A good mindset is therefore important.

Sell ​​stuff, also your beloved records
Sell ​​stuff, also your beloved records

If you are really ready to embark on this adventure, you need to get the mindset to value experiences over physical possessions. Find a way to remind yourself exactly why you're doing this. Are you selling a car that you have saved for so long? Those are potentially six months in travel costs around the world. Selling old toys, some unused stuff and collectibles in your attic? That's just another few weeks of food and drink + hotels.

You can find a million reasons to put aside things you don't want to sell, but once you get the mindset right, it's hard to stop. Mentally detaching yourself from your possessions can be difficult, but once it's done, you'll feel free of all that material baggage and you're ready for a new chapter.

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By focusing on the positives of selling your possessions, you can reframe the experience in your mind into one that is enjoyable. View your photos from previous trips or read an inspiring travel blog every day. Whatever it is, find a way to maintain that excitement!

Organize yourself and your stuff

Sort all the stuff you are going to sell and categorize it into separate piles or boxes. List everything you have in a notebook or spreadsheet for easy search and editing. This is also useful for keeping track of what has been sold and for how much.

Selling stuff for your world trip
Selling stuff for your world trip

Once everything is on the list, give each item a price. Not sure what to ask? First, check out websites such as Marktplaats or Facebook Marketplace to see what others are asking for similar items. This will take time but it's worth making sure you get the market value or expect way too much and don't get it sold.

pick a date

Once your items are priced it's important to stop procrastinating and just start selling. The longer you wait to get started, the easier it will be to keep procrastinating and the harder it will be to really let go. Pick a date when you want to be done selling and have the money in your pocket.

Be realistic, keep in mind that it may take a while before your stuff is actually sold. Not everything is picked up right away and it can take a long time for some valuable items to sell for a good price. Give yourself at least a few weeks or a few months to get everything sold.

You can also set a goal for how much you want to earn by selling everything and split it into a weekly goal. This way you can work towards it step by step and maintain your focus by doing a little bit every day.

Use the right platforms to sell stuff

To get the most out of it, it is important to choose the right platform to sell your stuff on. This ensures that you receive the best value for your belongings.

Marketplace and eBay

These websites are great for collectibles or other small items that have a decent value. For these items it is best to use the auction function and/or bid function in the hopes that you will get several people bidding against each other, pushing the price further up.

Don't be tempted to upload bad photos and add a two-line description to the item for sale. The more effort you put in, the more attractive you can make things look. Spend some time writing brand names, captions, and taking photos that show items at their best. You will see that well presented items sell better!

NextDoor app

Things that incur hefty shipping costs are more suitable for local sale. Therefore, for example, the NextDoor app a great option. Think of furniture and large objects such as TVs, lamps and white goods.

When buyers come to pick up, take advantage of that. Show them other items and ask if they could use anything else. You'd be surprised how many extra sales you make this way.


Sell ​​stuff in garden or garage sale

Remember that one person's junk is another's treasure. As a result, even the craziest items you thought you'd never sell can still earn you a few bucks or more. Yard and garage sales are great for these types of items as in my experience they are frequented by people looking for collectibles or just like to buy something as long as it's cheap.

Garage Sale | Saving for your world trip
Garage Sale | Saving for your world trip

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace can be a great tool for selling items to people who live nearby. You must have a Facebook account to use this part of the platform and you can add photos, the price you are listing the item for and any additional details. Potential buyers of your items can contact you directly to inquire if the item is still available, or to ask questions. You don't have to be Facebook friends to connect with potential buyers.

Facebook marketplace is extremely popular and I think in 2021 it is even easier to sell something via Facebook than, for example, via Marktplaats. So make use of it!

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Old stuff gone, house clean?

One of the things people experience before a big trip is stress. You already have to arrange so much and take many things into account, especially now with all the extra corona vicissitudes. It definitely helps to sell stuff because now you have a better idea of ​​what you have and what can go.

Selling these things gives you peace of mind. you have less clutter in your house and there is an overview again. You even have room to spare! This is also the perfect time to do a major cleaning. You can of course do it yourself, but you can also choose to hand it over this time, so that you can spend that time on other things for the trip.

For example, you can cleaning lady have your house cleaned before you travel or when you rent out your house during your trip. Even before returning home, it is nice to arrive in a house that has been nicely cleaned.

Having an handyman to do any small jobs around the house before you travel or rent out can also be nice, if you don't have the time for it all.

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