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Selling a house and traveling for an indefinite period | Introduce!

Hi! We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Stefan (28) and Laura (27) and we have been together for over 11 years. First of all we would like to say that we are very happy that we can blog for Wereldreizigers.nl† We would love it if you would read our blogs! We are going to sell our house and travel indefinitely.

What are we going to do exactly?

We are about to take the helm The Netherlands good to throw. We have decided to travel for an indefinite period of time! Indefinitely? Yes really.
We made the final decision in January of this year. What does all that mean for us? We go sell our house, quit our job and sell (almost) all the stuff we have. We are going on a trip with a camper (bus), which still has to be bought.

Laura is busy preparing for the trip
Laura is busy preparing for the trip

Share the plan with friends and family

Part one of this adventure, in addition to researching, talking a lot and finally making the decision was to share the plan with family, friends and colleagues. The reactions were very nice, enthusiastic and positive. For many of our acquaintances, this decision did not come as a total surprise. Of course we also (rightly) had some critical questions. The main question was about looking for new housing if we (ever) come back to the Netherlands. If so, we'll see by then. We have no idea if and when we would come back. For now we like the idea that we don't have to think about this yet and we have all the time.

Selling a house before our trip

After sharing our decision, we contacted a broker, this was January 31st. Two days later the real estate agent came by. At the moment the photos have already been taken and the house will be measured in a few days to be able to make the floor plans.

The real estate agent is excited to sell the house. We understand that all too well. Three years ago we bought this house, then still a DIY house. We have largely rebuilt it ourselves, with some help. From top to bottom, inside and out. It has become a nice and (we think) beautiful house. Nevertheless, we have made the choice to grant the house a new owner/occupant and to travel for an indefinite period of time.

Way of travel

We are going on a trip with a camper (bus), initially in Europe† This has yet to be purchased. We are currently very focused. Will it be a converted bus, will it be a camper, how big? Last Monday we sat down with a family member who knows a lot about this subject. It's nice to have someone like that around to help us on our way. We have come a bit further through this conversation and we will certainly take the tips we received with us. Next week we're going on a camper hunt together. That means that in the coming days we will seriously look on the internet to see what options there are and where we could go to see campers in real life. Exciting!

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Start of our journey

When are we actually going on a trip? We have not set an exact date yet. We will probably leave sometime in August. Our summer vacation is planned for that month. We had already applied for the holiday before we made the choice to travel indefinitely. The start date of our trip mainly depends on our last working day and the handover of the house.

Where does our journey begin?

We don't know yet where our journey will start. Do we first go out in the Netherlands when the weather is nice here? Or maybe we'll start straight across the border. At the moment we are busy with the preparations and we are also continuing to work. Soon we will make more time available to discuss our destinations. We will be on our world map let's see where we still want to go.

World Map Europe
World Map Europe

Practical issues

In addition to all these fun and exciting activities, there is also a lot that needs to be arranged. We think of: contact with the municipality, pick out insurances, resigning permanently, selling stuff, et cetera.

When we have visitors, we are always asked if we still have something for sale. We can laugh about it and it is also an easy way for us to sell our stuff. Soon every family member will have a plant, piece of furniture or another item from our house. We hope that we can go to the free market on King's Day to sell our stuff that way.

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To do list
To do list

We would like to keep you informed of our adventure. Until the next blog!

profile picture travel do we together

We travel together

Hi! We are Stefan (28) and Laura (27) and we have been a couple for over 11 years, so true childhood sweethearts! We are about to turn things around. We are going to sell our house, resign from work and travel indefinitely. Are you curious about our adventure? Then take a look here regularly, see you soon!


  • What beautiful plans! As far as insurance is concerned, you should take some time for this. It differs per company how long you can travel continuously, at least now we are talking about motorhome insurance. There are several conditions that must be taken into account. Good luck with your plans!

  • What a cool thing to say! We intend to sell our house and make a long journey through Europe and who knows where we will end up. Now I just can't find anything about a car insurance that accepts this. How do you do this with your camper?

  • I envy you very much, not many people dare to take this step, but you are doing it! So cool, I'm going to follow you everywhere to enjoy remotely 🙂

  • After 3 years you will no longer be bothered by this (additional loan scheme).

  • You are also embarking on a beautiful adventure. Thank you!

  • Are you aware of the fact that the tax authorities will find something of your cashed equity if you do not put it back into a home within a certain time?

  • Wow! I think it's a great and tough company! Made for you!

  • How nice your first blog. What a wonderful adventure you are in for. Good luck with the preparations.

  • What an adventure!! ?
    We hope to pick up many of your experiences……..for our own adventure, later?
    For now… good luck with the preparations?

  • This has several reasons. For example, we are not tied to this place/house. Maybe one day we'll build a new life somewhere else. This way we don't have to worry about the house.

  • Hi Stefan and Laura,
    Very nice and cool of you to do this! I will follow you because I find this very interesting, good luck with the preparations, and look forward to your experiences.

  • We are certainly curious! Very cool to be able to follow you through your blog! Good luck with the further preparations, you are already well on your way??

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profile picture travel do we together

We travel together



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