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World Tour | 7 items for your backpack

Packing your suitcase or backpack for a world trip can be quite overwhelming when you do it for the first time. Maybe you will be away from home for months, so what do you take with you?

It is a question that many backpackers ask themselves when they go on a long trip for the first time. You soon find out during your trip that in this case it usually applies: 'less is more'. In other words, you really don't need much more than when you are away from home for 2 weeks. It is a matter of packing smartly and especially thinking about what is convenient and practical to take with you.

packing cubes

As a real world traveler you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself. Living from your backpack is sometimes difficult enough and you quickly lose the overview because of all that stuff in one bag. An ideal solution for this is therefore the use of Sunflake packing cubes. These are separate bags where you can neatly pack your clothes or other things.

For example, choose to put all your underwear in one bag, fill another with t-shirts, and yet another with sweaters. If you are looking for one of those items, all you have to do is grab that packing cube and not throw your whole bag upside down. Your clothes also remain wrinkle-free. Once you've used them, you'll never want to be without them again.


As much fun as traveling is, every now and then you definitely need a moment for yourself. Reading is often the ultimate way of relaxation. But taking so many books in your backpack that you can use for months is absolutely not an option. An e-reader is therefore not a superfluous luxury when you go on a world trip. You can store an infinite number of books on it, so you have enough reading material that you can move forward with.

E-reader on a world trip
E-reader on a world trip

Travel plug

Nowadays we are quite dependent on electronic equipment. Your phone, camera, e-reader, everything needs to be charged again in the long run. That is why a world plug is ideal. This allows you to use all the different types of sockets that are available and you can recharge your phone with peace of mind.

Pillow case and sheet bag

Traveling is great, but sometimes you end up in places that don't always make you happy. Unfortunately, you usually don't have the choice of the most luxurious hotels, but you come in one hostel rightly so.

In many hostels it is just clean and you can get into bed just fine. But just to be on the safe side, it is very nice if you bring your own pillowcase and sheet bag. It doesn't take up much space in your backpack and it still feels a lot cooler to lie on your own pillowcase. You can crawl away completely in a sheet bag, so you will have less trouble with a dirty mattress.

Sheet bag and pillowcase for your world trip
Sheet bag and pillowcase for your world trip

Good earplugs and eye mask

Speaking of hostels, you are usually not alone in a room, but accompanied by several roommates. You don't have a choice, so keep in mind that you will definitely need the earplugs and the mask. For example, against snoring roommates, or other travelers who suddenly turn on the light or look at their phone in the middle of the night.

hammam towel

Many travelers now swear by this item. A bath towel or hand towel takes up a lot of space and is therefore not really an option. Plus, it's not ideal when traveling as a towel takes a long time to dry. A hammam towel, on the other hand, is lightweight, often fits easily in a corner of your backpack and dries very quickly.

Useful for various functions. You can lie on the beach with it, but also use it as a shawl on a cool evening or to cover your shoulders when visiting a temple, for example. Multifunctional and that is exactly what you want when you go on a world trip.

hammam towels
hammam towels


Finally, this one should certainly not be missing from the list. Those who come back from a trip around the world can certainly agree that at some point you will forget certain details. You don't want to think afterwards: 'if only I had…', so just take that booklet with you.

Especially the small details can provide the best memories afterwards. You often remember the long treks or exciting greatest adventures. But write down the little things, like how you felt, the people you met, or even what you ate. You will undoubtedly be happy with this lasting memory.

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