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Bungee jumping | 10 spots to fall down at

Are you looking for more one-in-a-lifetime experiences and adrenaline during your world trip† Thundering down at a moronic speed with nothing but, in your eyes, a super thin cord. For some it's a lifestyle, others prefer to crawl in a square box filled with hundreds of spiders. If you are an avid jumper or if you want to think about it: we have listed the 10 highest, breathtaking bungee jumping spots that you should definitely scribble on a bucket list or list. And to get you even more excited, we're going from high to low. Ehk!

1. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge (321 m) – Colorado, USA

At 321 meters, it is not only the highest bridge in North America. Since 1929 (can we have a 'damn'?), this bridge has also been the highest attraction in the world, in the rank of bungee jumping. Especially take a jump if the impressive and wooded rocks around you don't bother you.

Unfortunately! This bungee jump location no longer exists. Recently, the Colorado government has banned jumping from the bridge. Unfortunately!


1. Zhangjiajie Bridge (260m) – China

The new number one on the list of the highest Bungee jumps in the world is the glass Zhangjiajie Bridge in China† The bridge is located in China's Grand Canyon region. You will have to pay something for it, because you don't just get there! It is quite remote in a beautiful nature reserve and you will need several bus rides to get there. In any case, once you have arrived you will not do it for nothing!

The beautiful glass bridge over the canyon is already an attraction in itself. For those who are really looking for a shot of adrenaline, you can also choose to go bungee jumping. Are you a real adrenaline hunter and would you like to go bungee jumping? Then it is of course extra cool if you can immediately take the highest jump in the world.

2. Macau Tower (233 m) – Macau, China

Macau is a city in China known for casinos and gambling. But New Zealand entrepreneur Alan John Hackett changed that image when he took the plunge and in 2007 into the Guinness Book of Records landed with 'highest commercial leap'. Since that received a lot of attention, you will certainly not be the only one standing in line. It has become a very popular Bungee Jump destination in recent years. We understand very well why!

3. Verzasca Dam (220 m) – Ticino, Switzerland

The Verzasca Dam in Switzerland has become especially popular after 007 jumped in the movie Golden Eye in 1995. The dam is, of course, no longer in use, which makes it even more insane if you reach the end point of your jump in 'just' 7,5 seconds.

4. Bloukrans Bridge (216 m) – Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Between the safaris and splendor of the garden route it's time for an adrenaline rush in South Africa. And that of the highest bridge in Africa, if we are to believe the owners. A jump from the Bloukrans Bridge brings you face to face with the Bloukrans River Valley.

5. Europabrücke Bridge (192 m) – Innsbruck, Austria

You can tell afterwards that you went bungee jumping in two countries, as the bridge connects Austria and Italy. In addition, the companies here challenge you; next to the bridge you can also jump out of a hot air balloon. And feel like a superhero.

Save the different Bungee jump locations in Google Maps for later. You never know!


6. Niouc bridge (190 m) – Niouc, Switzerland

You can confidently call this bridge the 'wobble bridge'. Specially made for the heroes who dare to jump; which makes the bridge considerably thinner than the standard. But, then you do jump off one of the highest spots in Europe.

7. Victoria Falls Bridge (152m) – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Most likely the place for the best view. With the waterfalls behind you and the raging Zambezi River below you are assured of a minor heart attack, or good distraction. Which might make it a little less special: no fewer than 50.000 people preceded you at this popular attraction.

8. Kaivopuisto (150m) – Helsinki, Finland

The Finns like a bit of entertainment. That is why you can jump off a special attraction every year from the end of July to the middle of August. Not from a mountain, bridge, or tower; no, a crane. In the middle of the sea. Don't be too quick to judge, it could be crazier. With the 'pub bungee' you can dive into the depths even with a drunk head. We don't know if that's the best idea, but it sure is cool.

9. Nevis Highwire (134 m) – Queenstown, New Zealand

We wouldn't be surprised if you had that nasty 'I feel like I'm going to throw up with nerves' with this bungee jump. In order to jump, you must first get to your location; you do that in a six-person cabin that hangs from a real cable car. Yes, you also jump out of the cabin itself. In any case, you have a wobbly preparation.

10. Pont de Ponsonnas (103 m) – Rhône-Alpes, France

If you survive this jump, you can at least say that you jumped from your own Arc de Triomphe from a height of 103 meters. The bridge is located between a fairly thin opening in the mountain, which can give it a closer experience than other spots. The fall itself lasts 4 seconds, so you won't have much time to panic.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

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  • Inglese:
    and the two jumps in Italy? Valgadena – Vicenza 172 meters, it would be 7 in the list and I watched from the Colossus bridge with 152 meters it would be 8 in a tie with Victoria waterfalls.

    egg due salti in italia? Valgadena – Vicenza 172 metri, sarebbe 7 nella lista e veglio (bi) dal ponte colossus con 152 metri sarebbe 8 a parimerito con le cascate vittoria.

  • For those who want to “start small/practice”:
    1. The Netherlands Scheveningen “de Pier” : 60 meters above the sea.
    2. Belgium Awens (near Liège) the “K2 Tower” : 52 meters (from a lift test tower)
    Visited both and this is a good start, find a holiday every year that includes bungee jumping (France; Switzerland; Austria).
    Very nice environment / suspension bridge is certainly Niouc in Switzerland!

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