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Apply for a credit card before you travel

Are you an avid travel enthusiast? Then you are not alone, because it is very nice to travel. It has several advantages. In the first place you learn more about other cultures. In addition, it is good for the mind and it also makes you more creative.

It is also fun to explore different places. Good preparation is important, because otherwise you can have to deal with stress and many other problems. So make sure you have the right insurance policies. In addition, it is applying for a credit card wise too. Paying with a credit card is not common in the Netherlands, but it is in other countries. But what are the exact advantages of a credit card? We will discuss this in more detail in this text.

Book flight tickets

Most people still go on holiday by plane. It is of course not good for the climate, but it is very practical. Moreover, you usually pay less for a plane ticket than for a train ticket. The point is that you can only pay with a credit card at many foreign airlines. It is therefore wise to apply for a credit card, otherwise you will only have limited options.

Book flight tickets with your credit card
Book flight tickets with your credit card

Book hotels more easily

Nowadays it is easy to book a cheap hotel room. There are several comparison websites. You do not have to compare the prices yourself, because this is done automatically for you. Yet there are also many foreign hotels where you can only pay with a credit card. This is also becoming increasingly common in the Netherlands. So without a credit card you have limited options. If you continue, you will lose more money for your stay. That's a shame, because life is expensive enough these days. So save with a credit card.

You can take out purchase insurance

You don't just go on holiday to explore new places, but of course also to make nice purchases. Maybe you want to surprise an acquaintance or family member with a nice gift from abroad. Shopping on vacation is always a fun experience.

Purchase insurance with a credit card
Purchase insurance with your credit card

During your trip, however, you will come across many different places. Therefore, there is more chance of theft, damage or loss. Fortunately, you can take out purchase insurance for a credit card. Then the damage is covered and that gives a nice feeling. You can take out purchase insurance for a credit card in several places. Use a comparison website and go for the cheapest premium.

A credit card is ideal for emergencies

Of course you hope that your holiday will run smoothly. That you can enjoy without worries. However, life is unpredictable and for that reason something unexpected can always happen. For example, maybe you are traveling through Europe by car. That's nice, but you can also have bad luck along the way. Then of course you want to book a hotel somewhere. With a credit card you can be sure that you can make a payment. Even if you have no credit. The money will be debited later.

You can also get sick on vacation. In some countries, as a foreigner you can only pay a hospital bill with a credit card. In case of illness you naturally want to be helped properly and for that reason a credit card gives you an extra safe feeling.

Easily arrange a rental car

If you have a Dutch driver's license, you can drive in many places in the world. For that reason it is also nice to rent a car on holiday. This entails several advantages. In the first place you are not dependent on public transport. Public transport is relatively well organized in the Netherlands, but this is not the case in all countries. If you want to rent a car abroad, you almost always need a credit card. Not only to pay the rent, but also for the deposit.

Rent a car with your credit card
A renting a car with your credit card

A credit card is not expensive

Many people do not dare to apply for a credit card, because they are afraid that there will be a lot of costs involved. However, this is a misconception, because the monthly costs are low at many banks. At some banks you can even get one for free prepaid credit card to request. So that shouldn't be an obstacle.


In this text we have taken a closer look at the advantages of a credit card. Applying for a credit card is free almost everywhere and the monthly costs are low. In this time you can no longer do without it. Especially if you travel regularly.

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