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Camping at a campsite increasingly popular among families

More and more families are choosing to go camping on a campsite, both in the summer holidays and beyond and both indoors The Netherlands as outside. Why are young families increasingly opting for camping at a campsite over staying in hotels? And what makes a campsite suitable for families? In this article we answer the most important questions.

Camping is becoming more and more popular

Camping becomes increasingly popular, especially among young families. More and more often, especially in the past year during the corona crisis, young families increasingly choose to go out independently, for example with a camper. In the past year, there has been a real run on campers and camper vans and at the beginning of the summer it was barely possible to rent a camper or camper van.

Young families looking for motorhomes

Families have therefore started looking for information about buying or converting a campervan. Self one camper van Buying or converting gives you a lot of freedom. You can go to campsites almost anywhere in Europe with a campervan and the journey there or between the different campsites is an adventure in itself. An adventure that your children can also enjoy immensely, because they will be amazed when they see high mountains, sea and islands from the car or camper.

On the way to the campsite in Croatia
On the way to the campsite in Croatia

Digital detox for children

Traveling through the mountains and staying at campsites is the ideal way to let children experience something different than the digital world on their mobile phones. Parents see their children playing outside less and less and spending more time on digital devices, such as computers, televisions and mobile phones. At the same time, in recent years we have seen the interest in campsites as a whole Europe rise considerably. In particular campsites in the Croatian Istria region have been very popular in recent years.

Campsite Zelena Laguna, Croatia
Campsite Zelena Laguna, Croatia

Chance? We don't think so… Parents of children try to use holidays to enjoy the whole thing without too much digital distraction. It is an opportunity to have children undergo a temporary digital detox, without them really noticing it. Being able to enjoy the mountains, nature, the sea, swimming and playing in pools and making new friends at the campsites.

Tips to find suitable campsites

Then, of course, the only question that remains is: which campsites are suitable for a family with children? And where will you find and compare the different campsites? Ideally, you want a campsite where your children have many recreational opportunities, so the more activities the better! To find suitable campsites for your family, we can visit the website of allcamps recommend. This website is ideal because you can search very specifically and filter on available activities, animation, swimming pools and location. This way you can search specifically for campsites that are suitable for your specific family and associated wishes. Below are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a suitable campsite for your family.

1. Swimming pools

Almost every child loves to swim! So a swimming pool at the campsite is a big plus, especially if there is no sea or lake within reach or when the sea is still too dangerous, for example with young children. When you search for campsites, look for available swimming pools, whether there is a separate children's pool and whether slides are available, for example.

Swimming pool at camping Bijela Uvala, Croatia
Swimming pool at camping Bijela Uvala, Croatia

2. Sports and recreation

Are there sufficient playgrounds, grass fields, football fields and tennis courts on the campsite? Is there a (beach) volleyball court or are there a number of table tennis tables on the campsite? These kinds of simple recreational opportunities ensure that children will not get bored easily - the more the merrier. Keep this in mind when choosing a campsite.

Children love to run around and play freely on the campsite
Children love to run and play freely

3. Mobile homes or tents for rent

Not everyone owns a camper or camper van, but that doesn't mean you can't go to a campsite! Often there are parts reserved for mobile homes or tents that you can rent. These are ideal for families who want a little more luxury on a campsite, or who would like to camp but do not have the right resources themselves.

4. Shops, bars & restaurants

It is especially nice with young children if the camping site has a few shops, bars and restaurants. This prevents you from having to load your car or camper every time you want to go out for dinner or do the shopping. And of course good food and drinks are also very important for mom and dad!

5. Animation

Is entertainment available at the campsite? And in this case, you're not just thinking about your kids. It is of course very nice if you can entertain your child with fun animation teams, but also think of yourself! It is also nice for you to be entertained in the evening at or outside the restaurant with, for example, a nice live band, bingo or other games for the whole family. This way you not only keep your children busy, but also yourself.

Extra tip: Rent a boat

Renting a boat or booking a taxi ride in a 'speedboat taxi' is an experience you will never forget. Your kids will beam with joy when they get off the boat. In Croatia this is a widely used means of transport between campsites & sights and I can recommend it to everyone, definitely do it!

That's it! You are now all set. With these handy tips, find and book the perfect tailor-made campsite for your family. Do you have any nice or useful tips for finding suitable campsites for families? Then let us know in the comments.

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