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With these tips you keep the costs for your car as low as possible

As soon as you have to consider whether you are going to buy or sell a car, a calculation is always made with the car expenses† They simply remain the most important rational argument. In this article we give you some tips to keep the costs for your car as low as possible.

Go for as little luxury as possible

Research by the Consumers' Association shows that the cheapest car costs €250 per month and the most expensive €1600. The difference between these two cars is the age on the one hand and the amount of luxury on the other. Of course you pay more for a car that is equipped with the latest gadgets, but it does not stop at the purchase price.

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With these tips you can keep your car costs as low as possible 6

Maintenance and insurance premiums are also more expensive when you drive a more expensive car. Hence this tip to choose a car that is as basic as possible. The less luxurious, the cheaper it is to purchase and maintain. That is earned very quickly.

Drive economically

Last year, the fuel prices again increased considerably. Diesel became 11% more expensive in a year and petrol as much as 19%. In that respect, electric cars came out the best, but by definition they already save on their fuel costs.

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With these tips you can keep your car costs as low as possible 7

If you want to reduce costs as a driver on fossil fuel, then there is no other option than to drive more economically. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. By driving more slowly and accelerating less quickly, you emit fewer harmful substances than when you drive 'sporty'.

Do you want to save on insurance?

Maybe a Occupants insurance very important for you, because you often drive with a full car and you want to be sure that everyone is properly insured. Then it is clear that you should not delete this part of the car costs. That way you should also look at the type of car insurance that you take out: WA, WA-plus or Allrisk.

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With these tips you can keep your car costs as low as possible 8

If you are third party insured, the minimum legal obligation, the damage you cause to others and their belongings is covered. If you prefer more security, coverage and service, for example because your car is new and still worth relatively much, choose WA-plus or Allrisk. In that case you pay a little more premium. If you just want to save on insurance, only choose WA.

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