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The world in numbers

  • Number of continents: 7
  • Number of countries: 196
  • Surface: 510.100.000 km²
  • Highest mountain: Mount Everest (8848m)
  • Population: 7,8 billion
  • Average age: 29,6
  • Heat record: 56,7°C, Death Valley, USA
  • Cold record: -98°C, Antarctica

The world in brief

Our beautiful world has a total of 7 continents and 196 countries. This page is a repository of all travel related blogs posted on this website. Whether you like to read about distant destinations or rather a city ​​trip in Europe, it all happens here!

Cheapest countries

It remains a frequently asked question: What are the cheapest countries to travel or backpack? Developments worldwide and growing or failing economies often change things. Yet we often see the same countries in the lists and in particular Asia keeps pulling this list. The mode of travel also plays a major role in this. Do you like a bit of luxury and a more comfortable hotel? Do you like going to fancy restaurants and do you regularly drink a glass of alcohol? Then you will undoubtedly spend more. Do you watch your expenses a bit and do you mainly eat and drink local products? Then if you have saved little or don't have too much budget, you can still enjoy it world trip to go. Below you can see which countries are best for you with a small budget!

Cheapest countries

  1. Cambodia - Daily budget +- 20 €
  2. Sri Lanka - Daily budget +- 25 €
  3. Guatemala - Daily budget +- 30 €
  4. Philippines - Daily budget +- 30 €
  5. Malaysia - Daily budget +- 35 €
  6. Indonesia - Daily budget +- 35 €
  7. Mexico - Daily budget +- 35 €
  8. Thailand - Daily budget +- 35 €
  9. Myanmar - Daily budget +- 40 €
  10. Colombia - Daily budget +- 45 €

7 Nature Wonders of the World

  1. Amazon Rainforest - Brazil - Location
  2. Iguazu Falls - Argentina - Location
  3. Halong Bay - Vietnam Location
  4. Jeju Island - South Korea - Location
  5. Komodo Island - Indonesia - Location
  6. Underground River - Philippines - Location
  7. table mountain - South Africa - Location

Global Travel Tips

Worldwide travel tips† So many countries to see, so many places to admire and so many people to meet. Sometimes super nice locals who love to help you on your way, sometimes fellow travelers who enjoy distant countries and unknown destinations just as much as you do. Travel gems are hidden all over the world and we are happy to help you find them. Some travel tips cover multiple countries, and we collect them in the Worldwide category.

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Here you'll find articles from worldwide destinations that take you all over the globe, from southern New Zealand to northern Canada. Sometimes we take you to famous world cities or to favorite holiday countries, and then kidnap you to breathtaking places where no chicken comes yet. Moreover, we are happy to share practical tips and useful facts with you, so that you can take a well-prepared plane, train or car to the next bucket list destination!

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