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Travel Trends and Popular Travel Destinations 2021 | Google search volume

Travel trends change. Travel destinations change, the experience changes and the way we think and travel changes. This is also reflected in the most important trends of the past year. It coronavirus Many travel plans are still spoiled and wasted at the moment, but you just have to think like this: everything comes to an end. This also applies to the coronavirus with accompanying travel restrictions!

In the most unusual travel year, we look at where Dutch people most desperately want to travel there. We dug into Google Search and Google Trends Trends results to find out exactly what people are looking for when it comes to travel destinations for the 2nd half of 2021† What are the travel trends and most popular travel destinations? In any case, the results are surprising! But before we go to the results, let's take a quick look at the travel trends of 2020, because they have also turned out to be very surprising.

Travel Trends 2020 | Popular Travel Destinations

With ever-changing restrictions due to the corona pandemic, making some countries less safe to travel to than usual, mainstream travel trends no longer apply. The Netherlands went in search of new travel destinations and the results are surprising.

  1. Greece
  2. Maldives
  3. Germany
  4. The Netherlands
  5. Mexico
  6. Spain
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Croatia
  9. Thailand

Greece received by far the most search volume in the past 9 months in The Netherlands† We expected that holiday in our own country would be #1, but we only find the Netherlands in 4th place. That the Maldives being in 2nd place is also very remarkable.

Greece – We suspect that this has to do with the fact that Greece remained on 'yellow' for a long time in travel advice while the rest of Europe went into lockdown (orange or red). As a result, the choice was very limited and the Netherlands went looking for what was still possible and soon arrived at Greece.

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Oia, Santorini | Popular travel destinations 2021
Oia, Santorini | Popular travel destinations 2021

The Maldives – The fact that the Maldives is in second place in 2020 shows that, despite all the setbacks, corona rules and restrictions, we still want to keep dreaming about bucketlist. worthy travel destinations. In fact, the search volume for the Maldives has increased significantly in 2020 compared to 2019. This is a very striking and unexpected travel trend.

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Travel trends in 2021 | Popular Travel Destinations

The Maldives is by far the most searched for travel destination for the second half of 2. Not entirely unexpected, but now substantiated with Google search volumes. Exotic, international travel destinations top the ranking in the travel trends list. Vacationers and world travelers seem to want to travel far from home. Dutch “have something to make up for”, or so it seems.

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  1. Maldives
  2. Mexico
  3. Thailand
  4. Greece
  5. Spain
  6. United States
  7. Italy
  8. Portugal
  9. Mauritius
  10. South Africa

The Maldives – Is the most sought-after travel destination for 2021 and is therefore number 1 in the list of travel trends. People who saved during the lockdown may now also have more to spend (something we regularly recommend to our readers keep remembering† This means that a holiday in the Maldives that has traditionally been too expensive is now officially on the map for many people who could not afford it before.

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Maldives Activities
The Maldives – Popular Travel Trends 2021

Mexico en Thailand – Coming in 2nd and 3rd place. The top 3 travel trends for 2021 therefore contain no European country for the first time in a long time, remarkable!

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Cancún, Mexico | Popular travel destinations 2021
Cancún, Mexico | Popular travel destinations 2021

Greece – Is the first top destination in Europe for Dutch people who want to go on holiday within Europe after a long year of uncertainty and restrictions. This is also striking because traditionally France en Spain always do better.

Other Notable Travel Trends

Cruise Vacations

Elderly people with giant sunglasses and sun visor lying back on the deck of a huge cruise ship. I think that's the first thing you see when we talk about cruise vacations. It is the dusty image that the cruise vacation has carried with it for years. I think there are still very few young people who dare to talk about how cool their cruise vacation was after the holidays. But that is about to change! Because more and more travelers under – let's say – 40 years of age get on a cruise ship during their vacation and experience their greatest vacation in years. It is a new travel trend that is gaining more and more ground among young people every year. And we totally understand why!

World travel cruise - Costs something, but then you also have something!
World trip cruise – Costs something, but then you also have something!

And why not! You travel to the most beautiful beaches and most beautiful countries while being provided with all the comforts along the way. That means more than a game of skittles or hearing the umpteenth big band. Super entertainment, all possible sports, cinema, swimming pools, cozy bars: life on a cruise ship is also a pleasure for the younger traveler. You can visit many different countries in a relatively short time and you get enough time ashore to taste the atmosphere and culture. Cruises to the Caribbean are becoming more and more popular, after all, the weather is always warm and sunny. But a trip over the waves of the Mediterranean Sea is also irresistible.

2021-2022 Viking World Cruise Itinerary Map
Viking World Cruise Itinerary Map

Do you happen to have 44.000 euros lying around? Then is this world travel cruise might be something for you. It is by far the travel trend for the rich among us. With 6 continents, 27 countries, 55 guided tours and a total of 136 days of fun, you can have a nice one world trip to call. Costs something, but then you also have something!

mystery trip

It may seem a bit like last minute travel, but it is completely different and increasingly popular among travelers. The mystery trip has become one of the most popular travel trends in recent years! Just blindly book a trip without having any idea where you are going. And why not! Many travelers have already discovered many cultures and distant places and are wondering where they should go next. You know what? Just don't think about it at all and book a mystery trip. All you get to hear is the weather forecast, after all you don't want to wear a bikini Iceland end up. But otherwise all details remain completely secret. How cool is that!

There are a few (online) travel agencies that provide this type of travel, such as SPRS.me† It is handy that you can indicate in advance which cities or countries you do not want to go to. Can imagine that you don't feel like arriving in Marmaris for the third time. And if you still want to keep some control over your trip, you can indicate whether you fancy a city trip or a shivering holiday in the cold. So close your eyes and book!

Favorite travel destinations ANWB members

There are a few cities that could be labeled as new favorite travel trends in 2021. The ANWB recently sent out a survey among 10.000 members, which resulted in these three surprising destinations. Which destination is your favorite?

Seoul, South Korea

De South Korean capital Seoul is very popular among travelers. Since Guus Hiddink caused a football miracle with South Korea, the country has become more famous (and as a Dutchman you are always welcomed with open arms). But this year it really will be the year of Seoul. A true paradise for shoppers, as most shops sell their goods duty-free. But Seoul is also doable for the traveler with a low budget. You will find more and more excellent budget hotels throughout the city. The food here is excellent, especially in the smaller hip eateries. The culture is completely different from what we are used to and that is precisely why a trip to Seoul is already a super experience.

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Seoul, the #1 travel trend for 2021
Seoul, the #1 travel trend for 2021

Fes, Morocco

Also in Fes Morocco is increasingly popular among the Dutch. Marrakesh used to be the place to be in Morocco, but recently Fez has become more and more popular. Rightly so! Wonderful restaurants, a super relaxed atmosphere, beautiful authentic buildings, a vibrant nightlife with rooftop bars and swinging clubs and fun local markets. Fez is up and coming and will not be relinquishing its place as a top destination any time soon.

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Fez in Morocco managed to take 2nd place in the travel trends
Fez in Morocco has reached the 2nd place in the travel trends top 100

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Finally, we tip a city in our own The Netherlands: Rotterdam! For those who fancy a fresh trip, but don't feel the need for a long journey, Rotterdam is a fantastic destination. In recent years, the city has made a lot of progress with events, cool bars and restaurants and hip streets such as the Witte de Withstraat. The hip parties can be found all over the city and with landmarks such as the Erasmusburg, Euromast, Hotel New York and more and more fun and cozy neighborhoods, you can no longer skip this city.

Rotterdam, travel trends 2021
Rotterdam, travel trends 2021

The architecture is both historic and innovative. Be sure to visit the brightly colored Markthal for some pinchos and a glass of wine. Then marvel at the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam in cocktail bar 'nhow', located on the 7th floor of skyscraper 'De Rotterdam'! Fortunately, you are not yet accosted by tourists on every street corner in Rotterdam, which can be a relief if you have just been in Amsterdam for a few days. I say go!

Rotterdam, Travel Trends 2021
Rotterdam, Travel Trends 2021
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