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Traveling abroad and paying with crypto

Will 2023 be your most successful year ever in the world of crypto? By being smart about the investments you make and have made in the past, this may just become reality. You surely know it by now. The “crypto winter” has stolen most of the headlines about digital assets in the year 2022. The year 2022 will even close with a wave of rapid collapses and bankruptcies. But does it mean that the crypto like Bitcoin, is done? Not by a long shot. We explain it to you in detail in this article.

The most interesting crypto coins for 2023

Which crypto to buy 2023?

Of course, all are familiar with Bitcoin. And while this is still one of the most loved forms of crypto today, there are three other cryptos that are definitely worth investing in. Choose to spread your chances and spend part of your Wallet on:

Best long term crypto coins

Just like investing, crypto is a long-term investment. Because even though 2022 has been a very messy year, full of ups and downs. In the long term, there is a good chance that you can keep a nice pocket money on this investment. Ideal for investing or for example to invest in real estate. Therefore, always compare the best cryptocurrency investment opportunities to choose from. Well-known forms of crypto, which are certainly interesting for the long term, are Polkadot, Cardano, Solana and Litecoin. These forms of crypto are also easy to find in your own Wallet.

Pay with crypto when you travel abroad 

We believe crypto's financial disruption is an enduring problem. And this problem will continue for years to come. Because who knows exactly where we will be in a few years? However, many experts predict that Bitcoin will rise to $2023K in the second half of 30. The cause of this? A possible ceasefire in Ukraine, lower inflation, declining energy concerns and a turnaround in M2 supply. These are all very clear examples of causes that are driving the start of a new bull market. All in all, more than enough reasons to keep a close eye on developments in the landscape and to respond to them at the right time.

Invest today in the best crypto for 2023 

So 2023 looks rosy, according to many experts. And you certainly know it. Buy the dip. So choose to invest in the best crypto of 2023. You will certainly reap the benefits in the long term! Fortunately, there are also numerous online forums where you can engage in the necessary discussions. Are your friends also strongly interested in this? Be sure to enter into a dialogue and share your knowledge with others and acquire the necessary knowledge.

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