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Roadtrip Namibia Part 6 | Etosha, Waterberg and Okonjima National Parks

around the country Namibia to get to know you the best is a big roadtrip make, or make a roadtrip divided into several pieces. This is part 6 of the roadtrip in which we leave northern Namibia and make a long route to Etosha National Park. Etosha National Park is one of the larger nature parks in Africa. In the west we drive into Etosha after which we drive through the east to Waterberg National Park. On the way back to Windhoek there is another stopover at the Okonjima Nature Reserve. The roadtrip ends back in Windhoek where we started.

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De roadtrip-route part 6

This is part 6 of the roadtrip route through Namibia. Curious about the previous parts? All previous parts can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.

Roadtrip Namibia part 6
Roadtrip Namibia part 6

Etosha National Park

One of the largest nature parks in Africa and most visited parks in Namibia, is Etosha National Park (click here for location on Google maps). The park largely consists of a large salt pan that is surrounded by forests, which is the habitat of many wild animals. Natural and non-natural waterholes have been created in the park where the wild animals can drink.

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The Great Salt Pan in Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park | The great salt pan

You can drive around in Etosha National Park yourself. In winter it is dry and you can also do this with a 2WD, without any problems. During the summer when the first rain has fallen you often need a 4WD. Ask the car rental company about the options for your travel dates.

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The roads in Naminia consist largely of gravel roads with regular potholes in the road. In winter it is best to visit the watering holes, because this is where most of the animals will be found. If you visit Etosha National Park in the summer, finding animals will be a bit more difficult. There is then a lot of water to be found and they can therefore be everywhere.

Waterholes in Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park | Drinking place

Four of the "Big Five" animals can be found in Etosha National Park. These are the lion, elephant, leopard and rhinoceros, of which both the white and black rhinoceros can be found. Furthermore, many other animals can be found in Etosha National Park. Think of giraffes, zebras, springbok and many others. The park is also known for its many colorful species of birds.

Lions are often found in Etosha National Park, one of the "Big Five"
Etosha National Park | There are many lions to be found.

Staying in Etosha

Etosha National Park has four entrances to drive into. The most used and most visited is Anderson Gate via the south to Okaukuejo. This is also where the largest overnight camp is located. Through the west, through the Gallon Gate, you can also drive into the park. In the west there are two places where you can spend the night. This is Dolomite Camp† Here you can only sleep in a lodge. This lodge is beautifully situated on the mountain. An hour away you can (only) camp at elephant ruse camping.

Dolomite Camp on top of the mountain with a watering hole at the bottom
Dolomite Camp | On the mountain with a watering hole underneath

In the north you can go through the King Nehale Gate drive into the park. In the east is still the famous and also oldest camp Namutonia where one can camp as well as stay in a lodge. Located further north Onkoshi Lodge† This has a beautiful view over the salt pan. In the east, the park can be accessed via the Namutonia Gate be visited.

Rhinoceros at sunset in Okaukuejo campsite
Okaukuejo campsite | Rhinoceros at sunset

Around the park there are more options to spend the night at campsites or in lodges. For example, you can come to Etosha National Park for a day. The difference is that in the park near the campsites there are also waterholes at night where animals can be seen. This gives you a better chance of seeing animals that are mainly on the road in the evening and at night.

Hoba meteorite

From the east we leave Etosha National Park and drive south. near Grootfontein ligt Hoba Meteorite, the largest and heaviest meteorite to ever hit Earth. It is estimated that the meteorite is between 200 and 400 million years old. With an estimated weight of 66 tons (66.000 kg), the meteorite consists mainly of iron and nickel.

Hoba Meteorite near Grootfontein
Hoba Meteorite | Near Grootfontein

Waterberg National Park

It is a 2 hour drive from Windhoek Waterberg Plateau National Park† This plateau is clearly visible at a height of 200 meters. Many wild animals live here that are protected against poaching. Think of the black and white rhinoceros.

Want to know more about National Parks? Then take a look at our national parks page.

Water Plateau about 200 meters above the area
Waterberg Plateau | At 200 meters altitude

There are many campsites and lodges in the area where you can stay. From here you can also hike up to the top of the plateau. To get to the top you have to walk over quite a few rocks and stones. Once at the top you have a beautiful view over the surrounding landscape.

Okonjima Nature Reserve

An hour's drive from Waterberg, you arrive at Okonjima Nature Reserve† This is also the home base for the African Foundation† Numerous studies are conducted here to investigate the behavior and life of various wild animals. These studies can prevent various animal species from becoming extinct. They have started taking in animals that were trapped. In Namibia, cheetahs and leopards still live in the wild, which regularly causes conflict with farmers.

A leopard in Okonjima Nature Reserve
Okonjima Nature Reserve | A leopard

There are two lodges here with different rooms and beautiful campsites, which are equipped with every luxury. To spend the night here you have to book well in advance, otherwise it is full! Check the availability for your travel date below:

You can also do game drives from here where you can see the leopards. Some leopards have trackers on and are therefore easy to find. These trackers also analyze the behavior of the leopards for the study.

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