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Roadtrip West America: convenient route and most beautiful parks in 1 to 2 weeks

Dat America is very large and consists of different states, we don't have to tell you. Do you think it's cool to have a roadtrip by making West America, only you don't know where to start? Then read on quickly, because in this article we share our roadtrip itinerary to discover the beautiful nature in this part of America. This one roadtrip through West America you can travel in 1 to 2 weeks. Of course you can expand the route even more with destinations and National parks that you would like to see. Think of it as a basic route and then adjust it as needed!

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The State of Utah

Utah, also known for its different history from the other states in America. Utah used to be inhabited by the Indian tribes and used to even belong to Mexico. In the east you will find extensive Indian reservations and it has the only four-state point in America. If you have an extensive roadtrip through West America, Utah should definitely be part of this. There are no fewer than five different National Parks in Utah and I am sure you will be amazed by the beautiful sights and robust nature.

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Utah | Roadtrip West America
Utah | Roadtrip West America

Yellowstone National Park

Unfortunately we were only in West America for a short time, so we had to make a choice which parks we wanted to go to. Since Yellowstone is a National Park that we have heard many good stories about, we recommend that you add Yellowstone to you roadtrip through West America if you have more time. This park is the largest of all national parks in the USA and you can spot many different animal species such as deer, bears, bison and coyotes. In addition, you will find about 10.000 hot springs and many geysers in this park. In other words, a unique experience not to be missed!

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Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Utah. This park is full of special natural phenomena and you can really wander around for hours and above all take beautiful pictures. Bryce Canyon is known for the so-called hoodoos. These are unique rock formations created by erosion and the forces of freezing and thawing. Especially the tops that have worn off provide different formations, which gives a beautiful view. The colors of these rock formations also contribute to a cool appearance. Another reason why this park should be added to you roadtrip through West America is through the pinnacle 'Rainbow Point'. This is a viewpoint through which you can view an impressive panorama view of Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon| Roadtrip West America
Bryce Canyon| Roadtrip West America

Lower Antelope

If you want to go to Lower Antelope, keep in mind that you can only enter this park accompanied by a guide. You can book a guide on site, but in high season it may just be that everything is already fully booked. Then make sure that you have arranged this in advance. The Lower Antelope Canyon is known for its vast plains and breathtaking scenery. Once inside, you walk into the canyon accompanied by a guide and you are surprised by a web of narrow paths and beautiful light. This is definitely a favorite and deserves its place in you roadtrip through West America.

Lower Antelope Canyon| Roadtrip West America
Lower Antelope Canyon| Roadtrip West America

Horseshoe Bend

Another beautiful spot is the Horsehoe Bend in Utah. This beautiful phenomenon certainly lives up to its name and is completely cool to view during sunrise or sunset. The famous Colorado river provides the horseshoe shape and turns a beautiful blue / green when the sun shines on it. It is one of the most famous hairpin bends in the world and the river makes a bend of no less than 270 degrees. When you sit on the floor and take in the view, you realize for a moment how beautiful the world really is.

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Horseshoe Bend | Roadtrip West America
Horseshoe Bend | Roadtrip West America

Monument Valley

Another gem to visit during your roadtrip through West America is Monument Valley. This park is about a two hour drive from the town of Page and is located on the Colorado Plateau. You can easily discover the park by car to see all the different rock formations. Fun fact: the rocks in this park have all been renamed and you can definitely recognize them by their name!

Monument Valley | Roadtrip West America
Monument Valley | Roadtrip West America

Want to see the entire Western America itinerary?

Are you curious about the entire route and extra tips for overnight stays and what the roadtrip through West America? Then read the full blog: 'West America Tour: Visit the National Parks in Utah' on sherulestheglobe.nl.

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