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6 tips for affordable airport parking

Last summer there was a lot of noise around the airports in the Netherlands. Schiphol in particular suffered a lot extreme crowds due to staff shortages and holiday crowds. Fortunately, things seem to be going a bit better for now with the crowds around the airports.

Nevertheless, it still doesn't hurt to arrange parking your car at one parking Schiphol Airport or another airport for your (world) trip. That really saves you a lot of stress when your trip is coming up. In this article we give you a few tips for parking at an airport.

1. Compare airports for cost savings

If you want to go for the most economical option to park at an airport, it is advisable to go for a smaller airport. Logically, you pay less there than at a larger airport. But; it does depend on where you live whether it is more attractive to fly from an airport other than Schiphol Airport. With the high petrol prices at the moment, it is not always more attractive to drive to a smaller airport on the other side of the country. In addition, not all flights from small airports are cheaper. So take a good look at that so that you know what the most advantageous option is for you.

2. Also start comparing local parking rates

Is flying from a larger airport such as Schiphol still cheaper? Then you can still save money by comparing the parking rates at the airport itself. There are always several parking spaces available; there are at least ten options at Schiphol alone. Due to parking rates, among other things Central parking Schiphol Compared to all other available parking spaces, you will see in no time what you have to pay where for the period that you are travelling. That hardly costs you time, but ultimately saves you a lot of money. 

Compare parking rates
Compare parking rates

3. Book your parking space online as early as possible 

What many people don't know is that, just like with regular airline tickets, it can be cheaper to book your parking space in time. Sometimes this saves 25% to 30% of the total parking costs! That is a considerable amount when you are away for two weeks or more. This is due to the fact that the cheapest places are always fully booked first. There are also regular good offers far in advance that allow you to grab a discount on your parking space. When you are on time yourself and when you book online, you can score such an affordable parking rate. In any case, keep in mind that booking a parking space last minute always costs the most money, so try to avoid that.

4. Go on vacation outside the high season

If you are bound by the school holidays, there is nothing else to do: In that case, you park in the months of July or August and unfortunately you pay the full price. If you don't necessarily have to go on holiday during these months, it is advisable to book a trip outside the high season. This not only saves on almost all travel costs, but also on parking costs. Airports often offer attractive deals outside the holidays that make parking at an airport cheaper. That really saves you a lot of money compared to the high season.

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5. Opt for shuttle parking instead of valet parking

Parking at a large airport such as Schiphol means that you can choose between shuttle parking and valet parking. In the case of shuttle parking, you drive to the parking lot yourself, where a free shuttle bus will take you to the airport from your parking space. If you opt for valet parking, you can have your car picked up at the entrance of the airport by a driver who will then take your car to a parking space. When you return, your car will be immediately ready for you. How luxurious that is; you will of course pay more for that. The cheapest option here is shuttle parking.

Catch the shuttle to the airport
Catch the shuttle to the airport

6. Find a free parking space around the airport

Would you prefer not to pay anything for the parking space of your car while you are traveling? Then it is advisable to go to the airport by public transport. If that is not possible, you can always park your car in a free parking space in the residential area around the airport or in a village near the airport. But; make sure that your car is there unattended and that residents of these places are usually not waiting for this. In that case, parking your car at a Schiphol Airport car park is a bit safer and closer.

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